2015.02.13 Valentine's Day Concert, Katowice, Poland
Intro + Maria Magdalena, Love Starts With A Smile, Secret land + Everlasting love, One More Night +
Behind Those words, Johnny Wanna Live, Angels In My Head, Heaven Can Wait, Hiroshima
2015.03.12 Concert, Tatarstan, Russia
2015.03.15 Concert, Kazan, Russia
2015.03.20 Mega 80's Parties, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015.06.12 Baltic Summer Radio Dance Festival, Ventspils, Lativia
2015.06.13 Baltic Summer Radio Dance Festival, Oger, Lativia
2015.08.22 Day of the City, Gelendzhik, Russia
2015.08.30 Stars for Free, Magdeburg, Germany
2015.09.19 Day of the City, Kherson, Ukraine
2015.12.01 The National Day of Romania, Suceava, Romania
2015.12.13 Retromania, Groznyj, Russia
2015.12.19 Legends of Retro FM, St. Petersburg, Russia