Sandra QUIZ II

1. What city did Sandra give a concert on 29 July     2006?

a. Magdeburg
b. Ferdinandshof
c. Dortmund

2. Who is the producer of Sandra's album "The Art Of     Love"?

a. Jens Gad
b. Rick Nowels
c. Michael Cretu

3. On 3 June 2006 Sandra appeard in Plock/Poland on     the occasion of:

a. The 80's Festival
b. Sky Family Day
c. The Chemist Day

4. Which year did Sandra's brother die?

a. in 1995
b. in 1996
c. in 1994

5. Who wrote a song "I Close My Eyes" special for     Sandra?

a. Michael Cretu
b. Peter Ries
c. Andy Jonas

6. What is the name of Club, which published
of "18 Greatest Hits" album called     "Portrait"?

a. Müller Club
b. Bertelsmann Club
c. Schneider Club

7. What is the name of Cretu's record studio?

a. Data-Alpha
b. Cretu Studios
c. A.R.T.

8. Who in original sung Sandra's cover "All You     Zombies"?

a. The Hooters
b. Wishful Thinking
c. Mike and the Mechanics

9. Who played a little boy in "Hiroshima" videoclip?

a. Norino Hoshino
b. Shigeru Kotake
c. Coiffer Markus

10. How many bears does contain a white Sandra's       coat, which she bought in Paris?

a. 29
b. 45
c. 38

11. Which year did Sandra move to Ibiza?

a. in 1988
b. in 1989
c. in 1987

12. Where was the clip to song "Nights In White Satin"       shot?

a. in London Studios
b. in Bavaria Film Studios
c. in "Pascha" club

13. Which song from "Reflections" album did Sandra       record a new vocal?

a. Around My Heart
b. Everlasting Love
c. Secret Land

14. When was the premiere of Sandra's album "The       Essential"?

a. 24 March 2003
b. 25 March 2002
c. 23 March 2004

15. The book title about Sandra, which wrote Siggi       Niedergesäss?

a. The Single Hits
b. V.I.P.
c. Stationen einer Karriere

16. Where was the clip to song "Secrets Of Love"       shot?

a. in Paris
b. in Berlin
c. in Vienna

17. What is Sandra's husband origin?

a. German
b. Romanian
c. Spanish

18. Who made a photo session for "Close To Seven"       and "The Wheel Of Time" albums?

a. Mike Schmidt
b. Fryderyk Gabowicz
c. Jim Rakete

19. How many gold Bravo-Otto did Sandra receive?

a. 5
b. 4
c. 6

20. What is the name of Cretu's record company?

a. Crocodile Music
b. Virgin Music
c. Mambo Music

2004 © QUIZ by Adrian Rode