Sandra QUIZ I

1. What is Sandra's maiden name?

a. Scott
b. Lauer
c. Cretu

2. Where does Sandra live now?

a. Munich
b. Ibiza
c. London

3. Which year did Sandra release her first solo     single?

a. 1985
b. 1980
c. 1982

4. How many different scenes were shot to clip     "Everlasting Love"?

a. 30
b. 10
c. 20

5. What is Sandra's brother name?

a. Gaston
b. Peter
c. Michael

6. Who directed videoclip to song "Forever"?

a. Michael Cretu
b. Thomas Job
c. Howard Greenhalgh

7. Who sang the fragment of song "Yes We Can"     before Sandra?

a. Brian May
b. Chris Thompson
c. Richard Page

8. What is the name of a group, which Sandra sang     before she started a solo career?

a. Arabesque
b. Baccara
c. Rouge

9. Who sang with Sandra in "Midnight Man"?

a. Hubert Kemmler
b. Michael Cretu
c. Andy Hard

10. What is the name of a project created by Sandra's       husband in 1990?

a. Enigma
b. Cretu & Cornelius
c. T.A.A.W

11. What country was a clip to song "Secret Land"       shot?

a. Spain
b. Italy
c. France

12. What is the name of album recorded during       Sandra's pregnancy?

a. My Favourites
b. Fading Shades
c. Close To Seven

13. What is the name of first videoclip directed by       DORO?

a. Innocent Love
b. Maria Magdalena
c. Everlasting Love

14. What Sandra's song was used in Toyota       Commercial in Japan?

a. In The Heat Of The Night
b. Sisters And Brothers
c. Little Girl

15. What song did Sandra hospitably sing in crimi       serie "Tatort"?

a. Loreen
b. Heaven Can Wait
c. Stop For A Minute

16. Where was the clip to song "Maria Magdalena       Remix '93" shot?

a. in Bavaria Film Studios
b. in old factory of Coca-Cola
c. in old electric plants

17. What is Sandra's father name?

a. Robert
b. Frank
c. Martin

18. What is the name of a song inspired by tragedy
      in Tcharnobyl?

a. Johnny Wanna Live
b. Don't Cry
c. When The Rain Doesn't Come

19. What month were Sandra's twins born?

a. in May
b. in July
c. in June

20. When was the premiere of Sandra's album
      "The Wheel Of Time"?

a. 22 April 2002
b. 25 March 2002
c. 29 April 2002

2004 © QUIZ by Adrian Rode