"New life, new happiness, new album"

Sandra about the 80ies, castings and her comeback
Torsten Haselbauer

Sandra was the one of the 80's German singers who enjoyed good popularity. Eight hits from top 10 brought Saarland girl the nickname of "hit's machine". Maria Magdalena was the most known song, which went to top of charts in over 21 countries. After longer break Sandra dared to start everything in music from the beginning.

ZDF, Rainer Rüffer
  ZDF Online: Sandra, a lot of new happens in you. First of all you seem well-rested. Is your new album the beginning of new era?
Sandra: You can say this way. New life, new happiness, new album, it's a good formula. Now I'm inclining towards American pop music. It also follows that I worked for this in studio in New York in one and the half year. This Sandra, we could hear, it's new Sandra now.

You cut off from a lot of checked methods. Also from the husband and producer Michael Cretu. Can music be the kind of therapy?
Of course. Music helps survive matters, which we disown. On my albums, especially the last one, I'm my own psychologist. Said popularly I "vomited" everything what lied on my soul. So now I feel much better. The past was checked off.

You ealier were extremely ambitious, you aimed at success with stubbornness. Was it mistake?
Maybe it was, cause it was too tiresome and there wasn't nothing more beside music. From the second side in the 80ies I achieved a big success. We coudn't do nothing witout ambition. This mixture of obstinacy and ambition works. But today I am more calmed. This is good to me.

What do you think about castings, in which new stars are created?
For me they're not stars, but maybe they feel like that. These new stars come to the stage straight out from school table. To be a star is something more. First of all, a lot of work, still ups and downs. I also took part in some casting, so I know what I say.

What do you advise today young singers, who promote some hits?
They can't yield to temptation of fast money. First of all, not to sing in tents with beer in galas, even if this is easy money. Cause if you will sing there once, then it will weigh on your image till the end. Not to sign long contracts. Cause always it will happend something, for example - gave birth to children, like it was with me. But most important is learn to sing, still learn!

In Japan and lots of Eastern European countries you are still very popular. Why you aren't popular in Germany?
It involves with this, that in 1995 I moved to Ibiza and in Germany I was very rarely. There forgot about fast. In Japan and Eastern Europe is differently. There my songs are still played.

Today you sing together with Thomas Anders. How did the music cooperation happen?
On the beach on Ibiza. There I met Thomas Anders and I asked, if we could record something together. He was for this. We fit to each other very well. Thomas Anders is the male voice and I am the female voice of the 80ies!

And some private. You will get married soon. What kind of music will be played on your wedding?
We still discuss about this a long time. But one is sure: I certainly will not sing on my wedding!