Sandra plans big tournee

Photo: dpa
In March Sandra's new album will appear in shops.
Berlin - Sandra has been very busy this year: in March, a new album will appear on shop shelves, later Sandra will be on tournee, in Summer she is getting married.

Wedding will be whole in white, but not on Ibiza island, as Sandra informed news agency - dpa - in Berlin. "I got married in Ibiza before and I will not do it again." Sandra was popular in the mid 80's thanks to a hit "Maria Magdalena". Nowadays, she returns with new music album. On the 27th of March "Back to life" will be released. She also sings in duet with Thomas Anders.

At the very beginning, nobody in Germany wanted my greatest hits, said Sandra. "A big success came later." The vocalist, who comes from Saara, still keeps her first husband's - a music producer - Michael Cretu's surname. At her new wedding with Olaf Menges ("on Spanish land") she will sing her song "I Want You". Now, family can celebrate together. Sandra has twins, her prospective husband has a son and a daughter.

Sandra will keep singing in English. "German is out of question. I am too popular to change it", she says. With 15 new songs, of the new album, she wants to go on abroad tour. "I think of Emirates, China, Japan and Russia, where ma name is popular. At the moment I'm not planing any concerts in Germany. There is a rule, I think: your album has to be either number 1 or it has to be at least in first 10 places on top songs list, to make all seating places filled up with audience. I think it's a nonsense. There are countries where people want to see me there. If I am wanted in Germany - I will concert there too" Her last music album "The art of love" reached the 16th place on top albums list in Germany, in 2007. However her single songs used to be less successful.

In her chosen home country, on Ibiza island, Sandra has lots of fans. "Thank Goodness! There has to be my own place for me, somewhere. There I can shut the door and have saint peace."

Source: Sängerin Sandra plant große Tour