Singer Sandra wants get married again
"I found the big love", said singer of the 80's hits like 'Maria Magdalena'. Her marriage with producer Michael Cretu ended in 2008.

"She never was more happy ", said loudly to 'Bild' newspaper. 41-year-old entrepreneur Olaf Mengez is her fiancé, who moved to her villa on Ibiza. 46-year-old singer from Saarbrücken, became famous in the 80's thanks to hits like "Everlasting love", "Maria Magdalena" or "Hiroshima". In 1988 she wedded Cretu; in June in 1995 their twins were born. The marriage disintegrated in 2008.

Hits and common Enigma project done the millionaires from Sandra and Cretu. In the 90's her star went white, finally she gave concerts in small towns. In the next days artist's new album will be released.

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