SANDRA 24.04.2009

The icon of the 80's music comes back:
                         "I lost the self-confidence"

Her megahit from 1985 Maria Magdalena even today is listened. Now after the long break Sandra comes back to the stage. She's got a new album Back To Life on the set - and a new love.

Your new album is called Back To Life. Is this your life motto? Do you stop to feel you live in fact, and now you turned up again?
Yes, it's just so. When you believe in love and family, you live through 25 years together with husband, in this 20 years as a marriage - the whole world is falling down to you, when all this ends bad. And this happened to me. Michael and me splited and I realized, that nothing united us. Then I resigned first and moved out from our house. This was already 4 years ago. But then we didn't provide sound in this... I lost the self-confidence partly and faith in the philosophy of the life. In all in total. Also in music, too. My parents are still together. That's why this decision was the opposite of this, how I was brought up. Besides I never wanted my children have to cope with their parents divorce. They are just 13 years old. But I fought for this family a long time. Without the success. So that's why I am horibly desperate. And that's why I moved out to my house and I locked myself. I felt bad for 3 years. Until I met Olaf. And I come to life just now and again I can be such what I was. I can together with friends and laughter go through the life.

Compared to your last album The Art Of Love, which was released 3 years ago and it was full of melancholy, Back To Life sounds more cheerfully, more briskly, it is light...
In fact, The Art Of Love was released in this "difficult" period. But this was very important to record this album. There is this in lyrics, what it lied me on the soul and I was my own psychologist. This helped me very much.

You co-operated with your producer Toby Gad, who already wrote songs for Fergie, Shakira or Beyoncé. Does it not awake the respect?
No, not at all. I know Toby and Jens from 20 years. Both of them had to play in my band. The long standing friendship also developed from this. I already co-operated with Jens Gad on my last album. Then Toby showed me someday a few songs, which I yield. The work was amazing with him and Jens.

24 years ago with your hit Maria Magdalena you reached the world charts. Do you wish once again to record such a mega-hit?
I completely don't think about this. I create the music, which comes from my heart - and I don't think in the first order, if people could like this. I've never conform to trends... But I naturally hope, my album will bring back the success. And of course I dream of a bit of happiness and to record
a hit. But I wouldn't like to travel as then never more. The stress really came to the borders of my endurance. But then I almost break down.
I would also require this from my children.

In the age of 12 or 13 you were discovered by a producer. What would happened with you, if nobody then discovered you?
Nobody discovered me, as far as it is concerned - but in the age of 12
I jumped on the stage by myself. I pressed a record into DJ's hand and
I said: "I will sing to this record now". It was on the young talents competition. And I also did this only, I couldn't bear, how the others so bad sung there. This what the others can, I did it better. I did it with such
a verve, so really they paid attention to me. I finished the school first. When I was 16 everything began.

I don't know the balance of your account, but you probably didn't have to worry about the money...
That's right. But it's my abition, the self-confidence and the good music still prompt me to the work without
a break. But I wouldn't call this the addiction, even if some people think so about it. 13 years ago, when my children were born, I completely decided to be a mom and I didn't want to have nothing to deal with the music for 8 years. Anything didn't lack me at that time. Then I wanted to be only a mother. There were twice as many work by the twins. Meanwhile they both went to the boarding school, they grow up and they count on the girls. So well, in any case I again have more time to make a music.

So how long and where are they in the boarding school?
Two years. In England. Adequately long. They both have to pretty draw.

And are they well there?
Yes and no. From the one side yes, because they know, that is good for them. On Ibiza since the 3rd grade they went to the international school. There didn't require too much from them. They are two so shrewd boys, who did with their teachers what they wanted. That's why we decided to send them to England, where there will require more from them. We felt duty to this as parents.

Sandra during the interview

And how is the mother feel, who had to let her sons go in the world?
Terribly. It was happened exactly in this difficult period for me. It was very very difficult for me, to let them go. In fact I still suffer by this every day. When one of them forgets to call me, I can't already sleep. They call me every day. I don't force them to this. But when they forgot about this, I think right away, that something's happened.

Are they both so musical in fact like their mum and dad?
Nikita plays drums very well and he feels it. Sebastian plays electric guitar. Unfortunately they didn't play too much in the boarding school. I always say: "Why you didn't create some band with your friends?" But we don't want to press them. This must come of their own accord.

You've already told them about your new partner Olaf. Not long ago it came to light, you want to get married in the summer. What does it make, he is the right person?
Ach, so many. Practically all. He is my life elixir. He is still by me. He lets me be myself, such what I am. And he loves my boys like his own. I adore his children like my own. Everything fits. It's incredible. I'd never thought, that it will happen to me once again.

When and where did it happen then?
This was one and a half year ago on friend's birthday party. I didn't go out at all till this moment. But she convinced me, that I have to move some day. And then I met Olaf there. This was love at first sight. Like in tale. It's hard to believe in this. From now on we are inseparable. Day and night. Earlier I always had to travel alone. Today not a single minute I'm not alone.

You became engaged. Who proposed first?
Olaf. I'm still the child of the old school. This moment was beautiful. We were at home and then he asked me, if I could imagine to marry him. I said then: "Of course, I could marry you immediately."

And when it was?
Nobody believes me. This was already 3 weeks after we met. We didn't say about it to anyone at the beginning. Cause our all friends and families probably said: "You went mad!" So that's why we keep it in secret for weeks.

Olaf has nothing to do with music business. Is it relief or is it strange?
At the beginning he has nothing with this business, but he introduced to this very quickly. And because he doesn't yet saturated with it, he always has new ideas and inspirations. It's excellent. Here it notices, how you can be unfit for adaptation, when you look only in one direction too long. He has great fun from my work. But before I was connected with the man, who is in this business. This fact never disturbed me. So why I don't know the other relationship. That's why I still feel well or better again.

The others embroiled in public "muckraking", your divorce with Michael Cretu in 2007, with whom you spent 20 years in marriage, it run almost calmly. Is it wrong impression?
No, we kept it from public, like last 25 years our private life. Of course, there are also rasps in every divorce. You won't avoid it, but we never didn't "muckraking". So quietly and without publicity there is no chace to go away just like that.

You're still strongly connected with your ex-husband because of your children. What's your relation to ex-husband today?
It's super. We became a superpatchwork family. When children are on Ibiza, once they're with me and once with Michael. We all together understand each other very well. We get ourselves together. Because the most important for us is the children feel well.

You live on Ibiza from 20 years. What gives you the island, what Germany doesn't give. Excepting temperature....
The sunlight. It's different than here in Germany. You get up in the morning and there's nice outside, it's big difference. And the nature. I spent a lot of time outdoors. Also I have a lot of animals at my home.

Do you think, someday will you leave Ibiza and go back to Germany?
No, never. I already live on Ibiza, as I lived in Germany, I watch German television, I read German magazines and I have here a lot of German friends. But in Germany I've dreamed a lot. As a child I promised myself that I moved to Spain later. I had to go out about 7 o'clock and went to school by the hour. Then I always froze a lot.

But will you arrive to Germany to give some concerts?
Of course, but still nothing's fixed. First the tournee in South America, Arabian Emirats, Russia... I have lots of fans in whole world. It shows by the questions. I'm already happy that I will arrive.

Do you think, will there be next album after Back To Life?
With band I have now, I'd record album in every moment. I hit in good hands and it makes me happy again.