Sandra attracted Beyonce music producer
to make her new album
Thursday, 12 February 2009, 4:52

'Back to life', the ninth studio music album of the star of the 80's and 90's - will appear on shop shelves on the 27th of March 2009. A single from that album, of 46 years old Diva - In A Heartbeat - will be released 3 weeks prior, on the 6th of March. Tomorrow, On Friday, on the 13th of February, the song has its premiere on RTL Chartshow.
'Back to life' is not only the title of her new music production. It shows new time in her life too. It shows new life's motto: "I don't want to look behind me any more. To me, what is now - that matters." Reaching positions on tops songs lists over 20 years since her first hit - 'Maria Magdalena' - appeared in 1985. Sold lots of concert tickets, received many music awards and audience awards. 'The art of love' - the music production from 2007, reached the 16th place on German songs list. All this created unusual part of history, proving incredible success. Now, Sandra starts a new part in her life.

She used to work with different producers. Living in New York, born in Germany, a music producer Toby Gad - created a top songs list hit for Fergie - 'Big girls gon't gry' and a current Beyonce single hit - 'If I were w boy'. Together with his brother - Jens Gad, they produced about 2/3 of all 15 songs of Sandra's new album. Including the single titled 'In a heartbeat'. To sing in a duet a song - 'The night is still young' - the potential Summer hit, Sandra invited Thomas Anders, a vocalist of Modern Talking.

Moreover, a winner of ECHO prize - Axel Breitung (Rednex, Vanessa Amorosi) put his work into 'Never before'. Ethnic elements create unusual effects, making the song a potential hit. Zippy Davids, the same one who was working on 'Mambo No. 5' - Lou Bega's production, extends spectrum of sound in 'Put some 80ies in it'. That song is like a homage to retro. Sandra also proves, she can write great lyric. A gallant style of pop guitar, bilingual song 'Tete-a-Tete' also shows her French descent.

The singer, had been married to a music producer - who is also Enigma's music project creator - Michael Cretu - for nearly 20 years. They divorced in 2007. They both keep rights to their twins - Nikita and Sebastian. Sandra, either as a solo vocalist or a part of the Cretu's project - Enigma, sold over 50 millions records, all over the World. Cretu met Sandra Ann Lauer in 1982. That time she was a vocalist in a teenagers' band - named Arabesque.

The songs list in "Back To Life":

1. R U Feeling Me
2. Once In A Lifetime
3. In A Heartbeat
4. The Night Is Still Young
5. Just Like Breathing
6. Never Before
7. Alyways On My Mind
8. Behind Those Words
9. What If
10. Say Love
11. Put Some 80ies In It
12. These Moments
13. I Want You
14. Tete a Tete
15. Who I Am

February 2009