New music, new love

Sandra wants to get married again
BRISANT | 18.02.2009 | 17:15

Sandra - the picture of the 80's - with her Maria Magdalena, meantime entered into a new millennium. There have been some changes in Sandra's music and life.

Sandra, finally found luck on Ibiza island. At 46, she wants to get married, for the second time. The man of her choice is Olaf Manges. It started sparkling between them one and a half years ago, when they met at a party. "He brings my strength back to me, when I loose it", said Sandra. "I used to be quite cheerful person. Later, there was a time when I was very unhappy. That time I didn't believe in myself and my music. You can create good music only if you are personally happy." There was less lucky time in her life, when relationship, with a music producer - Michael Cretu, had finished after 20 years of being married.

Michael Cretu was the one who made her a star. Maria Magdalena is a hit, which brings a big turning point in Sandra's life, in 1985. The song was on the first top of songs lists in 21 countries. Sandra was all the time on German top songs list. She was loved by crowds of teenagers.

At the 90's, Sandra's picture as a star of the 80's, started fading away. Sandra stepped back and involved in family life. She gave a birth to twins. Nowadays, her boys are 13 years old. They will get new brother and sister when Sandra gets married. " Now I don't say any more 'my' or 'his' kids, but ours " A lovely and sweet 7 years old girl and her brother Marvin, who is only 1 year younger than the twins - have joined my family. They all get on with each other very brilliantly. The kids met for the first time during our holiday, when we were skiing. We all had a great fun!" said Sandra. All this, going so well, may be a reason, why Sandra feels like singing again. In March, her new music album will be released. Video clip to its first single, is still in production.

Sandra is not only busy with her new album but also with wedding preparations. New marriage will take place in Summer. Olaf proposed her after a whole night's talking. "We had to talk about what we went through in our life. After a nice dinner, I asked Sandra if she could imagine getting married again", says Olaf Manges, the fiancé of Sandra. This time it will be wedding in white.

  "I've found my big love. I've never been so happy    as I am now."


Source: Das - Brisant