July 9th, 2005 - Wieliczka near Cracow

Deadline fixed - date: 9 July 2005, place: motel "Na Wierzynka" in Wieliczka.
We are unable to wait already. We know some of us. We met in Güstrow a month ago.
A very interesting weekend shows promise.

Thomas, a webmaster of, will arrive at 15:10 on Friday. Cathy and me have to take him from the airport by our arrangement. After 14:00 Cathy, me and our husbands - Mariusz and Mrush are
at the airport in Balice/Cracow, because we do not want to late.
We bought tickets for Viewing Area and we take a good places there.

On the left: Inula and Cathy on Viewing Area
On the right: EasyJet is moving slowly to slab of the airport

On arrivals board were write the plane will be on time. About 14:40 Thomas called to Cathy and said the plane is just getting fuel and it will be late, because it has some technical problems. So our waiting was much prolong.
Can we meet him? We know what he will wear, but we are not sure he will not escape our eyes?
We are four, but it is easily to miss somebody in this big crowd... So we are waiting impatiently.
The rest of Fans will come to Wieliczka tomorrow, it is mean on Saturday, July 9th.
15:10 is closer - the time of arrival..., there is no information on arrivals board the plane will late...,
pretty good "mill" on the slab of the airport - some planes are arriving, some planes are taking off..., buses are going round and round - they bring and take back the passengers..., and maybe Thomas is here and we did not see him??? But he has a number of Cathy's mobile phone, so we hope he will call...
Time - 15:20..., silence..., stillness at the airport..., no planes ..., it is tremendous heat..., some minutes of uncertainty and flutter..., we have never see each other ..., but we know Thomas from his website and photos ..., so we hope we meet him :)
It is 15:40..., plane of EASY Jet is moving slowly towards slab of the airport . It is Thomas' plane from Berlin. We are straining our eyes. Two buses with passengers drived up to entrance. Some of us said: "There he is!!!". We all go down to wait for our Guest from Dresden. Fortunately inside was even empty,
so we have no fear we will lose him.

Suddenly Thomas is going out. That's him! Happiness, a short welcome and meeting. Than we all come back
to the motel, Thomas have to unpack and we all have to go for dinner.
And then??? And then we will see...

Thomas and Mrush during the dinner

We are after dinner. It is about 19:00. Is it worth to go to Cracow? Can we visit something in Cracow in the evening? But Cracow is very beautiful even at night. It is worth!!!
So let's go....

We visited Wawel Castle, but it was too late to visit Royal Graves and a cave of dragon, but in spite of this we have some nice places to visit. Then we visited Sukiennice, market square... and other interesting places in Cracow... but we did not check is it raining in Bracka Street, lol.

Our walking in Cracow

We spent evening very nice. After 23:00 we came back to the motel. It is time to sleep,
because tomorrow is the memorable day.

It is Saturday... A great breafast for a start this day. Fast shower and departure to the conference room. We have to be on time at exactly 11:00, because there will be about 50 people, according to clicks on our website.
It is closer to this time. There are Pawe³ and Mariusz from Wroc³aw in the motel. Soon after them came Sylwek from Warszawa and Marek from Wieliczka. And where are the rest of fans??? We known, three people are on the way to us. Suddenly the phone rang. It was Rysiek. He is coming with Misia, Samurai and Rexor by car. Great!!!
There will be four people more instead of three. They will be here an hour later.
In the meantime we prepare our conference room for the Sandra's appearances projection. Men bustle about..., they are arranging projector and a screen, they are connecting notebooks and loudspeakers... After 13:00 Warszawa is coming: Misia, Samurai, Rexor i Rysiek. Well..., still there is a few people..., and it can't be! :(
And what is next? Are we waiting or starting? But we are almost waiting two hours.
So let's starting...

Talking, exchange of views, Sandra's TV appearnces - we've run out of these
List of Fan Meeting Participants

After a small introduction Thomas turn on Sandra's appearances..., we have press materials, too, photos and posters of Sandra..., a lot of very interesting materials to watch and write... We are watching, exchanging of views, sharing news, we are meeting closer... Minutes and hours are going by..., the time unrelentingly is going by. Time is passing very fast in this nice atmosphere, with these friendly people. Me and Cathy had two nice surprises for Participants of Fan Meeting. First - the commemorative card made by Cathy, second - one of Sandra's autographs, we get from her menager specially for this occasion. All fans get Sandra's autographs.

Commemorative card
Autographs for Fans from Sandra's menager

After 16:00 we decided to order the dinner. There were drinks and dishes on the table...
And a nice suprise!!! Next Fan of Sandra!!! Marta from Przemy¶l is approaching to us :)
After dinner there were more videos of Sandra and press materials.
About 18:00 Samurai prepared a special suprise for us - hourlong concert. Beautiful compositions.
Everyone were enjoy this concert. There was no run out of "Sandra's Theme"
- special music made by Samurai for our site.

Concert of Samurai was amazing!!!

At 19:00 our Fan Meeting was finished, but only this part in confernce room. But nobody is going away. There was a time to paying for a confernce room and a projector. The prices were larger, because of people
they did not come. We are SORRY for this!!! But it was not our fault, it was fault of irresponsible people
they clicked for button on our website.
Ashamed for this!!! And wish you were not here !!! But this incident did not spoil our great party.

Marek tell us about a hill where we can see a beautiful view to Wieliczka and Cracow.

Trip in Wieliczka

Because it was light we decided to go to this hill. We made a few commemorative photos, then we went to
The Salt Mine and come back to the motel. And there??? And there we were a great evening under sunshades, in the garden, by the music of Sandra, we had some disco lights, beers, sausage and long conversations till midnight. Thomas showed us some unique photos from his journey to Ibiza, he had a few copies of DVDs with Sandra's TV appearances from France, Spain and her concerts etc. - so he gave these DVDs to Fans as a gifts. We all would like to THANK YOU for DVDs Thomas!!!

Evening party in the garden

At midnight we all went to our rooms. In the morning we had some breafast, we paid for our rooms, made some photos in front of the motel and we all went to the airport to say goodbye to our foreign Guest.

Commemorative photos for goodbye

It was without Pawe³ and Mariusz, because they left at 10:00 to visit Crocow.
We spent a moment together in Balice. We gave a small gift to Thomas as a memento of a nice moments
we spent together - a small figurine of a Wawel Dragon, we hope he will remember us forever:)

Leave-taking at the airport

Leave-taking, the last handshake and we go to the way back: Thomas to check-in, Sylwek and Marta for the train [we would like to THANK Marek for taking them to the train station!!!], Misia with Samurai, Rexor and Rysiek went to Warsaw and our four, Cathy, me and our beloved husbands went to Cracow
and then to our homes.

Till the next meeting !!!

We hope , we will remember so nice our first Fan Meeting in Poland.
And what do you think about it??? Read yourself :)

 "First - historical meeting. It was great to meet people, who adore Sandra like me.
 To talk by her music and the unforgettable concert of Samurai, that
 I met him in person!"

"To begin with I would like to stress, that I will not beat about the bush
 and to avoid sensitive subjects. I admit, that I am very surprise this nice atmosphere,  which was on this Fan Meeting. I haven't participated in this meeting for a while, all  people showed a proper standard of personal culture. First, there was not drunken party  and some riots. Second, people can smoke in conference room, but they go out to smoke  and they respected some non-smokers. Third, no one made cutting remarks at somebody,  no one insulted somebody and no one tried to show its superiority, no one made fun of somebody, too. In this points I listed some elementary principles, every Pole apply to these principles, but you have your ups and downs. There were people form abroad, so this I wrote up becomes bigger importance, because it was a small contribution in the structure of Polish positive image, which is very pitiful.
The technical preparation of conference room was very good: projector, a good loudspeakars. Rooms had a high standard. In a word the technical organization was beyond reproach. But it is something to reprimand.
I mean payment in the motel. As it turned out the prices are agreed. After arrival it is correction of the price list, I do not know if it is on the basis of opinion people's financial state or on the basis of price list rises. In any case we had to sink money into different things. Motel and gastronomy are in high standard but the payments are total amateurish. It is worse than in the bazaar, there they fall some prices. I shudder to think what is the price list for foreigners :-P. In the end I was in different parties and I turned a blind eye to typical Polish manners, but sometimes somebody hurt me or my relatives and I mentioned about this in report. But in this Fan Meeting manners of Fans were very good and it was a nice time we spent together, I hope my concert made the time pass more pleasantly for you."

 I awaked in the morning, it is 5:00. Damn! It is time to get up, pack some things to the  car, because we are going to the Fan Meeting.
 When I walked into the conference room and I saw all these nice faces, became me warm  in my heart and I knew this dream go on, reality!
 Really I do not know what to say, I felt I came to my family I have not seen them for a  long while. Uncle from Germany even came! Dreams come true, but we have to help  them. This is going on at Sandra's Fan Meeting!
 Party was started with a little skid, because of these people who clicked on button to  voting. But you wish you did not come, it was so great - we had a chance to watch and  listen excellent materials of Thomas - music, videos, concerts and a concert of Samurai  who played his compositions. It was a pleasant team, we can call ourselves Sandra's  Fans. In the evening we go to a trip to Wieliczka and for the end of the day we had  sausages, beers and of course we had Sandra's music and conversations to midnight.  Forget about a motel "Na Wierzyna" in Wieliczka. I say more, let's round it so far as you can. You will not tempted by great conditions, the boss if this motel is a disgusting boor. He is a man, who was a distributor of milk. He grew rich and he thinks the whole world belongs to him.


We would like to thank:
Thomas, that you accept our invitation to Poland and you came to us, and for your presents for Polish Fans.
Samurai, for his nice concert, which was vary our Meeting.
Rexor, that you filmed our Fan Meeting and for the creation of commemorative video.
Maro, for your car for other Fans and for visitng in Wieliczka.
And to all Fans for a nice moments at The Fan Meeting and for your photos.


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Clip from Samurai's concert in Wieliczka
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