24 August 2008

So then - it's after the Sopot's Festival. It was great! :)

-   Here we have the report given by these who were there
and shared our memories with us   -



       It was great, but it's over now. What the performance was like, you all could have seen on TV. However I was there and made photos passionately.

Shakin Stevens and Kim Wilde from Ricardos' camera

       What made me extremely impressed by?

Sandra sang 'Maria Magdalena', 'In the heat of the night' and 'Hiroshima'

       I think the way how I met Olaf. It happened at the beginning of the festival, when S. Stevens appeared on the stage and the audience hasn't made themselves quite comfortable yet. I was sitting in the E sector, just next to two passages, which one of was bigger than the other one, and was leading towards entrance. Oceans of people were there. Suddenly, among people passing by, in front of me, I noticed a tall man with characteristic long, blond hair. Who else could it be, if not Olaf? Fortunately, thanks to the hair, he is as noticeable as lighthouse - from far away even at dark. He headed towards a security man, asked about something, however it looked like the security man didn't understand him. It took place about one and a half meters from me, however they were facing in the scene direction and backwards me. I headed towards Olaf and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. As soon as he turned towards me, I passed my kind regards to him and Sandra.

       Something incredible happened, because as soon as he saw me, he smiled, and said "Hello Ricardo". He greeted me as an old friend. It took only a while, because he had to go somewhere, however it wasn't the end of this.

Limahl and Kajagoogoo

Sabrina and her big hit 'Boys, boys, boys'

       By the end of the show, when marvellous Thomas Anders gave his concert, Olaf came to me again. We started chatting and watching the performance together. I didn't want to be impudent, therefore I didn't ask any personal questions. I was rather talking about such a good quality of Sandra's performance, how well she was coping with. I also said that she had been concerting in Sopot before, many years ago. I only asked if they stayed in Sheraton Hotel? Olaf said that they had stayed in Grand Hotel. He also said that he liked Sopot, and the festival was delicious; offering such a good quality with so many Super Stars concerting. So, we had a chat and I made some photos. Although none of our joint photos, was good enough, however I think, this one below is the best:

Ricardos with Olaf

       What's interesting I think, the photos made by a mobile seemed to be the best quality. We had a chat about Thomas Anders, who just at that moment was giving the superb show. I was also talking about the Report From Ibiza, which was set on Sat1 channel, where we could see them on a yacht. Olaf smiled and said that was true indeed. He also said that Thomas is a very nice fellow. Were chatting a little. I asked if he arrived with Sandra by a white BMW5. He didn't deny. After a while, he excused me saying that he has to go. Indeed - about 10 minutes later the festival was over, so he had to go to Sandra.

Sam Fox amused the audience by her performance

Thomas remembered the hits of Modern Talking

       When everything was over, I went to my car (In the morning I managed to park it close to the Opera , at the TVN's car park), to wait for Aneta and Waldek. They came over soon. Because I parked at the Moniuszki Street, heading towards Opera, I could exactly see who's leaving who's coming. Suddenly, elegant limousines started passing by, in front of me - mostly BMW's with completely black back screens. It was easy to guess the Stars are leaving. Cars were various colours. Silver and black were dominant. That one I was waiting for was white, so I had to wait. While this stream of limousines was flowing, suddenly I saw the white BMW5 coming from beyond trees. There was no more car like that one. Immediately I let Aneta know and we come closer to the edge of pavement. When the car was close enough to us, although it has black window - panes, I could have seen very light Olaf's hair, sitting on the left side of the back seat. I knew I was right - that's THEM.

       We were really lucky, because all the cars stuck in a traffic - jam, in a narrow street, and the BMW with Sandra and Olaf stopped only few meters from us. Aneta speeded immediately and in the twinkling of an eye she was at that car. A driver seeing that, tried to escape. It wasn't that easy, because the street was very narrow with a huge a traffic-jam. Moreover there were trees on the both side of the street. He tried to move forward however there was another car in front. Aneta ran that distance reaching the car. I rather with no rush, got closer to the car and suddenly noticed Sandra leaning forward to the driver and telling him something. Then Olaf opend the car's door. If he hadn't been there perhaps Aneta would jump inside. However it turned to giving autographs and saying few words, what I pictured spontaneously:

After performance Sandra and Olaf gave autographs from their BMW

       That's how it looked like.

       Aneta was extremly happy, in the seventh heaven! Soon we dispersed. I went to my car and drove off to Warsaw. More or less after 3:00 am I was home. Tired but happy.

       I need to get my energy back, because I'll need it for a next portion of emotions in nearly a week. Together with Anita and Waldek we'll go to Büsum at the North Sea.




       Quite a few words from me.

       My festival day began early in the Sunday morning. We heard the Stars would be interviewed for the Dzien dobry TVN, the TVN's programe. At 8:30 am we were on the pier, waiting and hoping to see something. Indeed, scenery was already prepared, so as Magda Mo³ek and Andrzej So³tysik. The first guest was the winner of Bursztynowy Slowik (The Amber Nightingale) - the Oh Laura band. After the interview, they gave autographs and made photos with fans.

Me with the Oh Laura's vocalist - the band is a winner of The Amber Nightingale

       It was still early, so it wasn't so crowded over there. Next guest Stars were Limahl and Kajagoogoo. After the interview, we could have got their autographs. However it wasn't easy to make a photo with them.

Kajagoogoo giving authographs

       Limahl, on his way to a car, escaped from fans calling him. However, luckily, it happened to me, to meet one of the band's members - Stuart Neale. We talked for a while. I asked how many songs they're gonna sing that evening and how everything is about their new project. He said we could hear it in November.

Me and Stuart chatting

       Following, next star was Shakin Stevens, who even didn't pay much attention to fans. After the interview, he gave few autographs and left. Then, it was quite clear no more Stars will attend the interview. Afterwords, we went to see Stars rehearsal, although we knew it will be closed for audience.

       When we got there, it wasn't crowded also.
We were waiting at the entrance, hoping somebody comes. Suddenly, a dark coloured limousine, with an open window arrived. I looked and saw Samantha Fox inside. I said: "Hello Samantha", she said, surprised a bit: "Hello!". Then I said: "Nice to see you". The car stopped and I asked kindly if she comes to us. She refused saying she has a rehearsal, and she drove off. We got closer to the place where we could hear her rehearsal. We could have seen a lot beyond trees, however we could have heard perfectly.

       The rehearsal started Touch me, singing on live. Next was Nothing's gonna stop me now. While she was singing it, she dropped a microphone. Following, next song was I surrender (unknown version with longer intro). At the end, we could have heard Touch me again. After her rehearsal, I rang Aneta asking where she was. I got to know she was nearby. After a while she came with her husband. Meanwhile, Limahl had his rehearsal. We had a chat, then a white limousine arrived. Seeing who was inside the car, I shouted: "SANDRA!" Aneta bagan calling 'Sandra, Sandra...', however the car slowed down a bit, didn't stop and drove off to the Opera Lesna. Sandra looked super. Her highlighted hair really matches her appearance.

       We rushed to see Sandra's rehearsal. Before Sandra appeared on the Stage, Shakin Stevens had his rehearsal. Something with sound wasn't quite right there, because he sang Cry just a little bit seven times. It took so long. We couldn't have waited to see Sandra. Then she comes, singing Maria Magdalena. We were really impressed because she was singing on live, making playback hard to hear. She was brilliant! The song wasn't whole performance, due to interruption of a stage manager: 'let's try once again from the third song, with cameras on'. The beginning of the song she sang on live Sandra (a few lines) then her voice was made silence. The same was with In the heat of the night, moreover she started with such a spark: 'Talk to me...'.

       After the Sandra's rehearsal we went away. We saw Thomas Anders leaving, who neither stooped. We waited for a while indeed, however it was too late. We went for a meal and to get ready for the evening event.

       We arrived to the Opera Lesna before 7:00 pm. We were surprised due to allowance of having cameras.
       We met Aneta's friends, had a chat and made some photos. Then we went to sectors where we meant to seat.
Before it actually started we were allowed to walk all over the place, what made me really surprised.

Before the performances

       As the same as in Vilnius, Olaf came to have a look at the stage. He walked, smoked a cigarette and disappeared.

Olaf looking around

       Festival started Shakin Stevens. I was disappointed by the choice of repertoire. Meantime, I noticed Olaf. As I can see now, he was bothered by Ricardos.

       Next, we heard an announcement informing that the Star asked for wine. I thought it might be Kim Wilde. However it was SANDRA! and Maria Magdalena... The sector A, where I had my seat, just went mad! People stood up, were clapping their hands, singing and dancing! It was amazing! It wasn't able to be noticed on TV. It was a big madness! So funny was the way Sandra thanked, in French: 'merci' ha... ha... She has mistaken this a bit.

During the Sandra's performance

       In the heat of the night was taken by the audience in the same way. When Hiroshima could have been heard people got calmer. When it was after all, my were clapping our hands, and screaming. Sandra thanked and walked away. We were disappointed she didn't sing as an encore. However Shakin Stevens did.
Well, never mind..
I'm not gonna describe it all, because you could have seen it in TV. What I can mention is that being there is such a big difference to what we can see on TV. The atmosphere, loud cheers, dancing and singing audience were hardly seen and heard on TV. People from sectors A and E were extremely enjoying the show.

       During the performance Olaf was nearby the sector where I had my seat. In one minute he stood in front of me, however I didn't dare either to say anything or make a photo. Luckily, I had a pleasure to meet the Sandra's dancers, who as the same as Olaf, were watching her performance, close to me. I came over to Toni and asked if he really is a Sandra's dancer, he said "yes", indicating me a fellow next to him "he's too". I didn't recognize him, because he has never performed with Sandra before. Moreover, I was concentrated on Sandra not on her dancers I asked politely if they don't mind having a photo with me. They agreed. I thanked and walked away to my seat.

Look who is behind us, on the right

       Unfortunately, the show was over so quickly. When we left the Opera Lesna, we didn't come down, to see leaving limousines with the Stars. Moreover I didn't think some of my friends would go there. I thought they would leave as soon as possible , to avoid a huge traffic-jam.

       On my way to the train station, a received a message on my mobile, from one of my friends: "you should have stayed longer", with attached photos of Sandra and Samantha. I was angry with myself, however I couldn't do anything about that situation.

       Later, I rang Aneta asking if she saw Sandra, after the Festival. It came to happen because she "nearly drove over her car". We exchange our opinions about the concert and said good - bye.
That is how it all happened to me.

       I would like to thank:
- Aneta and her husband - for such a wonderful accompany.
- Fans of Kim Wilde - for very nice meetings.
- Stella for her help in buying great tickets. The seats were close to the stage and everything was easy to observe.
- My brother for making photos - lots of them.
- Fans of Ace of Base, who became fans of music of the 80's, during that night. I hope it will stay with them for a long time.



       I was there as well, and saw Sandra LIVE for the 3rd time.

       Pete described his impressions:

Suddenly, a dark coloured limousine, with an open window arrived. I looked and saw Samantha Fox inside. I said: "Hello Samantha", she said, surprised a bit: "Hello!". Then I said: "Nice to see you". The car stopped and I asked kindly if she comes to us. She refused saying she has a rehearsal, and she drove off....

However he forgot to add that SAMANTHA gave me her autograph, that magic moment. Although half of day we had been waiting till Sandra comes, to the Opera Lesna, we missed her somehow anyway.

       However, after the Festival it happened to me, to see Sandra. I'll never forget it.

Sandra and Olaf living Opera Lesna

       For a start I'll say I had been waiting, with other KIM's fans, at the exit gate. KIM was in the 1st limousine, situated in front. After quite a few minutes, all the cars moved. So did fans, following them... Cars were stuck in a traffic and stopped from time to time. Zico and I were running towards them and finally reached the SANDRA's car! The car's windows were shut, however we could have managed to make a photo... Although we were screaming how much we love her, she didn't open a window.

Slavek and Sandra

Zico and Sandra

       However SAMANTHA FOX, who was in a car situated in front of the Sandra's car, as soon as she saw us, opened a window. So we could have talked to her, made some photos and kissed her. WE DIDN'T EXPECT THIS. .

Sam posed for a photographs with pleasure

       We were running towards the limousines, following them, from the Opera Lesna towards the town centre ...

Thank you ever so much for your great memories and cute photos :)