Plock - 3 June 2006
!!! Sandra in Poland !!!
"Sandra will give a concert in Plock/Poland on the 3rd of June, at PKN Orlen invitation, on the occasion of Chemist Day". This information was polite passed to us... but... is it a joke? a stupid joke?.... what this information is?? it looks as a joke, but who is expecting Sandra in Poland... but from the other hand - God, make it will be a true... cause it will be a biggest event of the year for us... what do I say 'event of the year' - event of years...

Well... it is an information - so we have to do something with it; we have to pray for it will be a true and we have to look for a confirmation as quickly as possible... but where? we already know - we will write to Sandra's manager... We received the answer after a few quarters - "yes. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jürgen Thürnau"... so brief, but it is a message full of content!!! Information will not official appear in the net yet, so we have no permission to put it on our site, but the grapevine works :D oh, how it works... :D We cannot put it on site, but we have forum... so provisionally we put this information there.

A little while later, the article about concert of Sandra and Kim Wilde in Poland appeared on Orlen and Gazeta Wyborcza websites, too. What a happiness!!!!!! So now we can put this info in our site. We can announce this official with pleasure to everybody!!!


Oh, the net is heating up... mails are going in motion... gg is not also lazing... mobile phones are so hot... but it does't matter - cause the most important day of this year is coming - the 3rd of June :D

Some people, especially from western border, did not believe... but Thomas, an admin friend of, also knows about it and he confirms his arrival.

So let's get to work my dears... first we have to look for somewhere to spend the night - casue after concert we have to talk somewhere, exchange our impressions and sleep even a few hours... For a few days we look for in the net... without major results... but Misia from Warsaw is better than we :) She found a guest-house "Pod ró¿±" and she would like to go there together with Samurai to check it. How they promise - they done... BIG THANKS FOR THIS !!! So they reserved a guest-house "Pod ró¿±"... cause we already knew each other from Güstrow and Cracow, we care to sleep under one roof ;) We've been lucky ;) Ok... the first point of this scheme was done for the big plus.

Now the matter of our trip... Concert will start about 8 o'clock in the evening. We know from article that Blog27 will sing first, then Sandra and Kim Wilde in the end.

But what is it... our happiness is growing... we got some information about press conference and we as admins have a chance to run for an accreditation!!!!! It was a shock for us!!! Oh my God, if we could be there, take photos, and make a video record from this important event, we will have our 5 minutes as Polish Fans... we will manage to do something more than only photos from concert for Sandra's fans... dreams are growing - maybe we could take photo with Sandra and give her something in memory from us...
and here we back to earth... but Sandra has never taken anything from anybody, never after concert, and even before it and she has never gone out to her fans :( But a flicker of hope is still here... the miracles sometimes happen... maybe this time one of them will happen...
It is time to set about ACCREDITATION - whatever it is, it sounds nice and it increases a chance to meet our idol face to face :) So let's get to work... E-mails, mobile phones go in motion...
It is the 1st of June... our nerves are flex to the end of tether... we still keep an eye out for outlook - cause we are waiting for an important mail!!! It depends a lot on it. My God... we received something...

"Acreditation was granted you both. (...) The meeting will be in Plock at 4:30 pm in Vis a Vis café on Stary Rynek, where will be a concert. (...)"

I almost faint... For us it is like to win six in Totolotek by the biggest accumulation of the universe!!!
God, and this in only the 1st of June... it was a great gift for Polish Child Day!!!
But there are 3 full days before us... so long 3 days :( Well, we have to hold on :] Information about conference, its place are only for the press, radio and TV and we cannot to put them to our site
or to tell someone.

...and here we have a few words to people, who are angry for us, they wrote to us - that we are egoists and we did not tell them about the press conference, that we wanted to satisfy our dreams - but you have to know, our website is watching by Sandra's manager and we cannot to put confidential informations on it - informations which are designed for a few people only. Now our site is also known in press environment in Poland because of Sandra's concert there. So we have to carefully control the informations in our website and forum. There is no our 'discretion', but a pressure from above. If we will be such as you think, then the informations about concert we could keep only for us. There was a request not to spread information about conference - we gave our word about it, and we kept it for the sake of you are thinking about us. But we did not forget about you in conference. This what was said there, what questions was asked and still mention Polish Fans, maybe these were affected on Sandra's manners after conference and concert... that's it... we hope you will understand us...

One is for sure, in Plock we have to be about 4:00 pm, to go to organizational meeting and get name tags. And first of all, we want to meet another fans before concert, cause after it there will be no time,
cause more of us will go home back :)

The 2nd of June is coming... the evening... we have to pack... and there are no forces and conception, cause our emotions start to tower over sense. And there is a fear... that we oversleep in the morning and that we will not approach on time or that Sandra will cancel her concert... that will be a tragedy :(

Ufff... now is the 3rd of June... 5:00 in the morning... some people just wake up to go to Plock... by train or car - to the best of our abilities... some people are on the way long ago...
but about 4:00 - 5:00 pm we should be there all together :)


About 3:00 pm we arrived to Plock. There we went to the guest-house "Pod ró¿±", where friend fans from Wroclaw and Warsaw and of course Thomas waited for us. Short welcome, handshakes, kisses... and we have to go back to centre of Plock. So we are going there all together. We are on Stary Rynek about 3:45 pm. Our boys are parking cars and me with Cathy are going to press conference. In front of entrance to 'Vis a Vis' café, Misia gave us a plush cat with request to give it to Sandra as a present from Polish fans.

It is so stress... as amateurs we have to go into the world of professionals... but the aim - Sandra, arouse the bigger and bigger emotions. Me and Cathy received the name tags and we took our seats,
cause the press conference with Kim Wilde will start in a minute - Kim had a check on the stage before conference :) She sang live, her voice was so beautiful and resonant like years ago,
it was sorrow to go to the café.

There was also Marcin [admin of, known as Pistons] in the café, who we met a few minutes earlier in front of the stage. We knew him from forum, so now we can say that we KNEW each other :)
It is 4:30 pm... the time is running so fast...



We hear some steps on the corridor and there is a small chaos... they are going...
Kim Wilde and her escorts are in the door. They are walking into...
Kim is exchanging greetings with everybody and she is sitting down on her seat.

First questions was said not only about her past, but also about what Kim will do in the future. We learnt about her new album, which will publish soon and it will be in Kim Wild style, cause the singer want to be faithful herself and she will not expect new music trends. She will sing her old songs and also a new one "Born to be wild" on concert. There were also questions about what does she do every day, what music does she listen, and of course about approaching World Cup, if does she like this sport...

We know that Kim is falling love in gardens, as a typical Briton. So she was asked about her hobby, too :) There was flowers on the table, but the singer smiles and asks for not to ask her about the names of flowers in her garden, cause she did not know their names :) The singer is very nice and pleasant person, the calmness and self-control emanate from her. After conference there was a time to make some commemorative photos and asks for autographs. We also made a photo with Kim Wilde in memory.


The conference with Kim Wilde ended a few minutes before time, but the organizers decided not to change anything and they wanted to start conference with Sandra at 5:30 pm as it was schedule earlier.
We have some time to catch our breath, some of us went out, some (also me and Cathy) wanted to drink and eat something. I only remember from this moment, that we were afraid to eat, cause our emotions reached the zenith. I know we waited for glasses to drink some juce - but we cannot waited? I think so, lol.
I did not remember. When we talked about our impressions from conference with Kim, in crowd we heard cheerful
"Hi", "Hello everybody"... and our legs bended... the dream of our existence as fans walked
past us. Our first impressions? I do not know if I managed to tell about this in words, but I try...
Sandra made a big impression on us... She is stunning beautiful, full of elegance, the calmness and self-control emanate from her... the classy woman, so modest and natural at the same time... any photo and any video did not show this what saw our eyes and feel our hearts... unearthly phenomenon but so closed to us... God, the moment of coming back to the earth and one think - photo and video camera... we went fast to our seats to start record these moments... The rest of people stood without any move...

Sandra surprised us, cause she came before her time. She went to the table. Organizer asked which language she wanted to talk with us, so she said that she can talk in English but also in German.
We all choose German.

Sandra looked aroud the room, she saw the free seats and asked about the rest people. When she heard that some went out, she said calmly with a nice smile than we have to wait for them :) But we cannot wait so long... Cathy took a photo camera... I snatched it from her hand, so she took a video camera... I started to make some photos and Cathy wanted to start record, she turn on the record button... and it started...
When Sandra saw us with cameras, she started to say something to us. She said to us in German, we were under the big impression and full of happiness and we did not understand what she said... but we thought that she wanted only one thing - did not make videos :( what's a shock and sad...
it grieved our hearts, that we cannot immortalize this event...

...but a hope appeared - maybe that's why, that conference did not start yet? if only it were so!... Cathy obediently put away the video camera and I stayed without any move... maybe we could make photos only? but what is it... Sandra is still saying to us, still explaining something, waving her hand and screaming "No! No! No!" !!! so what does she mean? oh, oh, oh .... you will not believe... There was not problem with recording video. Just our dear Cathy forgot to take down a shield from camera, when she started her career of camerawoman. But one of journalist just explained her what she did wrong and what did Sandra say from the beginning, lol. All people in the room burst with laughter!!! And Cathy only said to Sandra:"Thank you! Thank you very much!". This situation loosened the atmosphere and it put us with smile to the next part of press conference....

sorry for the quality of this photo, but
I was in the moment of burst with laughter and my hand was shaked

Because there was no 5:30 pm yet, organizer said that we can use this time for autographs.
We can make some commemorative photos in this moment :)

This moment was so short... too short... we wanted to make one more photo with Sandra in three, but it was no time for this... we hoped that we could make it after conference... how time will show the events take another turn for us and for organizers, too:)

... the time for press conference has just came...


The time for first questions... what were they?... I did not remember. There were so much questions to Sandra. She said about her family, that she will be part of Enigma 6, and of course about her new album. She said the new album will be in autumn and there will be also song with Dj Bobo "Love is
the price". Sandra with Dj Bobo recorded three songs together; "Secrets of love" was choose as a single, and "Love is the price" will be on new album of Sandra; what about the third song?
we do not know? I did not ask :( mea culpa :(
The singer also gave away some details about her album; we learnt about her album is not a work of her husband, but she made it by herself. Thanks to it we could meet her and her childhood better, which was no so colourful like we thought. Sandra wrote her lyrics by herself, and she said that the writing made her a huge happiness, so maybe she will do it on. Did she think about writing book?? Maybe autobiography??? But these only our guesswork :) New album, new songs, new tones. The future will appear very rose-coloured :) But it aslo will be very mysterious.

Questions to Sandra - like in interview with Kim - also were about her favourite music, daily life and of course about approaching World Cup. For question whom will she support, Sandra answered, that the team from Germany, so this is understandable of course :) One of journalists asked if he could watch the match at Sandra's house :) Sandra was laughing and she invited him, but when the journalist asked for address, Sandra was laughing more and she noded, that she did not give her home address :)
This was the next nice moment full of fun :)

There were a few moments like this, that is mean, Sandra has an excellent sense of humor. She knows how to take a joke and she does not treat everything so seriously. There were a lot of questions
and everybody did not go into their words.

The singer was very happy, we could see this by her face and behaviour. She aroused interest and joy, which she could see by faces of everybody - this made her happy. But could it be differently?
I remember, that not every person knew who Sandra is. But after conference there was no doubts. We were even asked about more photos of her to get an autograph. But we had only two photos, only for us. But next time we will have more photos :) Maybe you are shocked by the words 'next time' - but we have never thought that Sandra will be in Poland, that we will be on conference with her, that we will talk with her and make photos... and now we dare dream about the next meeting after this Saturday afternoon :) Maybe, like Sandra said in concert - see you next year :) It will be next wonderful experience :)
In the middle of last questions Sandra was asked about Polish Fans, does she know about us and how many are us and that we love her very much. She answered, she knows about us and that her new album was recorded thanks to us - Fans from Poland, this was shock for us!!! We decided to use these our Polish moments and give her a present - wonderful plush cat, which was treated by Misia :)
Sandra was surprised very nice :)

When Cathy was giving a present from Polish Fans to our star, Sandra said to her, that she has the same live cat in her house. She has got four cats and new dogs all in all.
Pascha - her very known chow-chow died long ago, cause he was over 15 years old.

After last question there was again chance for autographs and photos :) I stood up to go to Cathy and to make another photo with Sandra. When I was going to Cathy I noticed Aneta from Kalisz near Sandra, who we met in Güstrow. My bewilderment was so huge, but I was happy to her. First I turn around to see more Fans from Poland. I saw a few known faces :) Hurray!!! There will be a photo with all Fans!!! Cathy was so happy, too and she asked Sandra if she will agree for a commemorative photo with all Polish Fans. She agreed!!! There was a shout in the room: "Polish fans, come here!"... The madness was started, full of adoration, disbelief, tears of happiness and this moment exceptionality. One of us were more lucky - they made a commemorative photo with Sandra, others we can see only in the background... but this is not important??? Important was only this, that we were here all together!!! I remembered only Thomas' response from this confusion :) He went into the room, stood opposite Sandra and he made photos full of delight :) We stood near Sandra so we started shout to come to us to be in photo, too. Cathy was next to Sandra and she said to her, that Thomas is from Germany and he came specially for her concert :) Sandra exchanged greetings with him and the flashes started from the beginning :)

But this special moment was so short, organizers asked to leave a room, cause The Polish Radio 1
wanted to interview with Sandra face to face. Well... we had to leave :(
but our star will go out from the café and we could meet her again :) So we waited in front of café patiently :) And these moments have just came...

These people, who could not go into the room of café, had a chance to make photo with Sandra and get an autograph. Sandra also here was so nice and friendly to all fans :) She posed to photos with sincere smile and she gave autograps. None of us will not forget these moments.
Me and Cathy observed you - it was so nice.
No-one expected that Sandra is like she was in Poland. We stood with Cathy and smiled to each other. Do we go there? But we had autographs, photos... no... we will not go there... others should enjoy her company :) We will not take their moments away.
We had our 5 minutes. And even 35 minutes :) Cause we were part of conference all this time. When we observed all fans from a distance, Anna Slawinska from Radio ESKA came to us. She observed with us all this situation. At that moment she said, she wanted to interviewed with us and fans. An interview? Why not :) Thomas was one of interlocutor.

Wonderful moments... Concerts of Sandra and Kim are before us. But in about 2 hours. We were so hungry and we wanted to eat something. Misia recommended us a nice pizzeria 'Meduza'. So we went there with some of fans and others wanted to take a good place to watch concerts. First Blog27 gave a concert.
When they was singing we were to the stage after pizza and coca-cola. We heard some screams of younger fans. They squealed and sang with the band :) There were hundreds of them...

Concert was great... but we waited for more important show for us - Sandra's concert. Minutes and seconds was going by... The leading has just said goodbye to girls from Blog27
and he announced the next singer.
Musicians and technicians arranged the whole equipment. And we waited, shuffled our feet. It was the first time in our life, when we had a chance to see Sandra on the stage. We knew her only from a small screen. And here... she will go into the stage and show us her concert.
With 10-minute delay, the show was started.


In tack of her famous song - "Maria Magdalena" - Sandra came to the stage off.

We heard the songs in order:

1. Maria Magdalena '99
2. Stop for a minute
3. Little girl
4. Everlasting love
5. In the heat of the night
6. Hiroshima
7. Hi! hi! hi!
8. Midnight man
9. Loreen

She sung again Maria Magdalena '99 as an encore.
The singer showed us her 45-minute concert with halfplayback. These people, who stood in front of the stage primarily could hear Sandra live, and her playback was very low. She was on the stage with two dancers, like on other concerts in Germany. One of him was the first time with Sandra on the stage. There was so happiness and singinig together... Not one of us felt a sore throat to this day, lol
Kim Wilde showed us whole live concert with her band. Her show lasted over an hour. The crowd had
a good and fantastic time. For a start the singer sung her new song "Born to be wilde", which will be on her new album in autumn. Then we could hear her very known songs from the 80s: 'Never trust a stranger', 'Chequered love', 'View from a bridge', 'Cambodia', 'If I can't have you', 'Four letter word', 'Water on glass' , 'Love is holy', 'You came', then the song I like very much - 'Anyplace, anywhere, anytime',
'You keep me hangin' on' and of course 'Kids in America'.


All concerts ended about midnight by the beautiful fireworks. And it was worth watching! This heavenly show lasted about 15 minutes. There were colourful starfishes and skylights. The bang of firing mixed
with delight of audience.

After Saturday shows, some of us went to known us pizzeria 'Meduza', and some went to the guest-house or hotel. Following day we had to go back to our houses. But before parting we wanted to make
a commemorative photo and say goodbye.

>> Whole photos you can watch in GALLERY <<

see you next meeting...



We would like to thank:
PKN ORLEN Company for inviting Sandra to Poland and financed her concert,
thanks to it our dreams came true
Mr Grzegorz and Mr Pawel for informations about concerts of Sandra and Kim Wilde in Plock and for every help in realization our dreams and not only our, but also Fans from Poland
Misia and Samurai for help in looking for a nice guest-house
Whole Fans and not only - in particular: Pistons, Samurai, Alex D.B., Rysiu, Thomas, Nathan, Przemek, Sandras and Madsan, for their beautiful photos and videos of our Sandra
Mrush and Mariusz (our husbands) for this, that they drove us to Plock (in spite of small problems)
and for their help in making photos and videos
We also would like to thank everybody, who we did not mention here, for every help and support
!!! THANK YOU !!!