Güstrow - 12 June 2005

Weeks of waiting for, weeks of preparation, meets arrangement, places, hours...
Have we been lucky to go... Will we meet all together or will we have to look for each other... Who are they, we will meet with... Will we took a liking to each other... We knew each other only from forum, emails, gg... Most of us have never saw before in private...
Each of us asked a lot of questions, thought how it would be...

Finally this day came - day of leaving. It was just Friday for some of us, Saturday for the others, everything depended on distance of place of residence from border Kolbaskowo - place of our first meeting.

Saturday evening...
Everybody are complete happiness and satisfaction, that we will see Sandra tomorrow.
But unfortunately life is sometimes playing tricks... About 7:00 pm we found out that Sandra will not appear because she fell ill ;(

The telephones started to ring, everyone would like to be in contact with the rest of the group, cause we slept in different places near the border.
We made first decision - we have to meet each other and establish what to do next:
we will go ahead or we will go back homes?
Goleniow was our first unplanned place of meeting. We were only 10 people, cause the rest of us were at their homes and they planned to leave just at night.

First meeting in Inula's house

We considered all pros and cons and we made another very important decision - cause we arrive so far, we will go ahead with a hope that maybe Sandra will appear
and we will be lucky.

So at 6:00 am [some of us of course were late :D and we apologize for this, lol] we met on border in Kolbaskowo. Before 7:00 am we crossed the border,
another 3 people waited for us abroad.

Samurai prepared for all of us special and nice labels for our cars and he gave them. We sticked the labels on cars and then we go ahead.


Special labels for cars

Some of stopovers during the trip.

We went a few hours, we passed a lot of small and big cities...
Still with hope, to believe, that information about illness of Sandra is only a stupid joke from some hacker, or that Sandra will feel better and she will appear on the stage. During the trip we listened to German Radio Stations, which invited their listeners to Sky Family Day in Güstrow. An announcer said, there will appear some famous stars in Güstrow with Sandra, too. This gave us hope that our dream will come true and we will see Sandra live. There were no one mention of this, that could be differently...

About 10:30 am we arrived in Güstrow, we found the place where concert will start. It was not difficult, cause lots of people were go there. Enormity of cars... some problems with parking... Finally each of us found a place for self...
Next assembly, cause we could lost in crowd like this.

We made a commemorative photo by the gate of entry.

[Photo with description who is who]

    After the Falco appearance
Sandra was remove from programme

Next we decided to go to stage to take good places. German events on air characterize of lots of lotteries, wheels of fortune etc. Thanks to them you can win very attractive prizes.
Stands with food and drinks waited for hungry people.
About 11:10 am ALCAZAR came to the stage.
They sang their big hits, and the songs from their newest album.
We had a good time!!!


Still we were for fear, who will on the stage at 12:50 pm,
when Sandra's concert was planned.
After the last song of Alcazar, people want more and more. So it was a moment of uncertainty for us and then the leading came to stage.

Moment of consternation and we know everything: Sandra will not appear and the leading read her mail within the confines of explanations, which she sent to organizers:

"Hallo liebe Besucher des Sky Family Day in Güstrow und vor allen dingen liebe Fans, die Ihr von weitem angereist seid. Ich sitze hier ganz traurig und denke an den 12. Juni, an dem ich eigentlich in Güstrow bei Euch sein wollte. Meine Stimme hat Freitag völlig versagt und mein Arzt hat mir striktes Redeverbot erteilt. Zu lange ich singen auftrete, ist dies das erste Mal, dass ich einen Autritt absagen muss. Es tut mit sehr leid und ich hoffe, Ihr könnt mich verstehen.
Die Verantworten
von Sky haben mich zum
nächsten Family Day 2006 eingeladen und ich verspreche Euch, dass ich da sein werde. Drueckt mir bitte die Daumen, dass ich bald wieder gesund bin.
Ich grüsse Euch ganz lieb. Eure Sandra."


"Hello dear visitors of Sky Family Day in Güstrow, and first of all dear Fans, who arrived from far. I am sitting here so sad and thinking about 12 June, this day I wanna be with you in Güstrow. On Friday my voice failed and my doctor forbided me to speak completely. As long I am on stage, this is just the first time I have to cancel my concert. I am so sorry and I hope you will understand me. Organizers of Sky Family Day invited me to next SFD in 2006 and I promise you, I will be there certainly. Please, keep fingers crossed of me, to recover soon. My best regards, your Sandra."
Text in German: Monika W. [thank you]

Organizers offered Super Falco Show substituting for Sandra. Michael Patrick Simoner "Falco Forever" came to the stage and he sang very
professionally the biggest hits of famous German artist Falco who died in car crash.
There did not miss hits like 'Rock Me Amadeus' or 'Jeanny'.

Michael Patrick Simoner

The show was amazing and we had good time like during concert of Alcazar.
People sang all together, applause went on and on...

There were about 2:00 pm, we heard that Chris Norman will not to appear, too
so we decided to go back to our homes.
Long way back before us....

Way back towards Szczecin

Because it was late afternoon and before us long way back, we decided to go to hotels.


Just one commemorative photo on border
and returning for supper

But we did not part from each other for long !!!
Just in July we will meet again and maybe in bigger team...
One is sure - each of us will not regret that we were there, because we met each other
and we spent our time all together, although the weather was not so good
and our dreams will not come true.

All we wish Sandra soon recover and to stage, too :)



We would like to thank:
Samurai for his nice labels on cars, thanks to them we felt exceptionally
and we were identified, for promotion of our website and for leading us to Güstrow and back.
Misia for help in organization of our trip and meeting on border.
Rysiu and Maciek for their valuable hints during the trip.
Rexor for filmed our trip and for the creation of commemorative video.
And to all Fans for a nice moments and for your photos.

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