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Memories of Harry (Germany)

Andrea, her whole family and me have experienced in Switzerland at August the 1st, 2009. This is a story of perfection, beauty and a feeling never to return or to be topped again...

I stood overnight at Andrea's home, we all had a nice breakfast and then drove to Engelberg in Switzerland. It is a beautiful country and I can only suggest you take a trip there and make vacation if you like mountains and seas.
Swiss people are well known worldwide for their perfection. No exclusion with this festival. All was well organized, the catering was good, the prices high but acceptable, and the beer tasted good. And was the stage... other than announced, it was an usual stage with a big white cross above it on a red background, symbolizing the Swiss flag.

We arrived at 10:00 in the morning and just had luck - Sandra made her soundcheck. We headed for some hole in the surrounding fence to have a peak on the coming events. Expectations were so high, will she really do it? Will she sing live, completely live? Can she do it? Can she keep the promises? Will the band be live? So many questions... A hard act to follow for her, a way she could only lose big time if she fails in a single piece of it...
Sandra turned out to be a fighter. At this early point, she did it. For us. We were the first and only ones to get the final prove of all the promises she gave in 2009. Like Barack Obama said in his Slogan: "YES, WE CAN!", she simply stood there on stage, sang live, the band in her background making her soundcheck. We, outside the fence, simply couldn't believe what we saw and heard - no broken promises, no music from tape anymore, simply Sandra standing there, proving she CAN do it, proving EVERYTHING came out the way she announced it. Andrea and me stood there with our mouths open, our ears dancing in spheres beyond imagination, our hearts standing in flames, filming and recording something that is the turning point in Sandras career: she made history this moment. And we knew: Wuppertal took us in the stratosphere, but THIS event will carry us beyond any point of expectation, far out into outer space...

Sandra during soundcheck

The event took place, some more or less interesting acts moved on by, some highlights followed also: Captain Hollywood entertained us with an incredible return to the stage and a world class live show. Culture Beat was also good, featuring Jackie, a black female singer creating the "Sabrina Effect" on stage... I have never seen more beautiful bouncing tits on stage before. Also worth to mention were the Real MacCoy and Dance Factory. The rest of the event wasn't very spectacular, special or good to take any notice from.

It was 18:00 as there was a pause announced by the two moderators of the show. Due to stage rebuilds there was a gap taken until 19:30, then Sandra was planned to enter the stage. I left the group to find a good place to film. 40 minutes before the show was planned to be continued, I sat down somewhere near the stage which Ii found appropiate to film Sandra. My own expectations on her appearance were so high, it is difficult to form words to describe it. As I hung in my thoughts, someone in front me turned around, looked at me and asked if I am Harry. What to say?! It was Matt, whom I sent a videotape with 4 hours of Sandra material 19 years ago. He is a member on sandra-news.de also, and we both chatted several minutes and were happy to finally meet personally after such a period of time. Try to evaluate the feelings you have if you meet someone after years, still remembering things you shared such a long time ago...

It's 19:30. The band entered the stage. Jens Gad appeared, taking pictures and filming. A young girl appeared, filming the whole appearance from the opposite stage site. What to say?! Jens told Andrea that there WILL be a Live-DVD soon, and that they are collecting material right now. Even THIS promise will be kept! Olaf also stood in the press vault looking at the show...

The Show!!! It started out with some sort of heroic classical music, in between samples of "Maria Magdalena" synths and a drum driven background. Mya Bi, a wonderful Asian female keyboarder, took center stage and read some japanese lyrics, and then... Sandra appeared! "Hiroshima"! A new fantastic intro, everything performed LIVE with some music samples spiced up and thrown in. An experience that made every fan shiver, a moment carved into time, a fragment of history... and some of us were part of it. We shared the shivers going down our spines, the electrifying feelings when she opened her mouth and intonated the first time her voice... try to catch even a glimpse of the feelings I had when she started to sing "Hiroshima" as a startup song in this never before heard style. You can't if you weren't there...

And so the story went on... She sang a full hour... All live, highlight after highlight, new songs, old songs, all mixed up, with rock-style solo guitars in between, samples of her hits to accompany the medleys and the bridges between songs. The audience was in part following her. As you can imagine, most of them were waiting for the headliner and name giver for this event... DJ Bobo. Sandra had the unthankful duty to play the second role and warm up support for Bobo who followed her trail... more words to Bobo later on in this report. But, the audience was fair. They supported her, although she wasn't the one they waited for this evening. They saw that she made a wonderful bombastic show and they acted as a fair audience with lots of applause and NO shouts for the main act. The Swiss audience was a fair audience... HATS OFF!!!

As the hour went by and the appearance was over, Sandra ran to her background singers, hugged them and jumped up and down on stage in real personal happiness... SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!! She rocked it, she sang live, no mistakes, no let-downs, no errors with lyrics - if there ever was a moment i felt like her the same in my heart, then it was THIS moment... she showed all her long time critics the stinky finger. She CAN do it, and she will prevail. She will win in the end. This was history, a moment never to return again, a premiere, a feeling you cant even describe if you werent witness of it.

She left the stage. DJ Bobo entered. I won't make many words about his show. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of him anyway, just liked a few songs. What I have heard before was that he always makes a fantastic show. Well, he was on stage for more than two hours, he made party, and even Sandra with her goddess-like performance could not step up with him... I have never seen SUCH a perfect show, such a perfect entertainer and such a concert anyway! This was a lifetime experience and the best I have ever seen in my whole life. DJBobo, hats off to you and your crew, for delivering a perfect show with wonderful artists, a crystal clear concert sound (German events should take this as example, what CAN be done audiowise!), and a wonderful surrounding! (Okay, the weather was perfect, warm and sunny, and the nature with the mountains everywhere was also an eye candy!)

And still, the best was yet to come...
As a bonus, "Secrets Of Love"! Sandra with Bobo live on stage! Happiness!

Dj Bobo & Sandra live

And five minutes later? Heaven! Sandra and Olaf backstage! 15 minutes filled with joy, happy-as-hell Sandra, autographs, photos, smalltalk, whatever you can imagine. And after such a long time and so much interrupted dreams, I got my personal picture with the goddess. This night was magic, every dream came true, every piece fit together perfectly, for me a night always to remember, a night somewhere over the rainbow, a night when Ii finally accepted the fact I am totally lost in this woman. Well whatever, the dream has just BEGUN!!! This inherits a new era, a live era. No, she did not blew it! No, she did not fail! No, she showed her will, her guts, her fun she had on stage! If only Olaf would have happened so much earlier to her, where could she stand today?! No blame on Michael Cretu, but since she is "attached" to her new love, she explodes into space with her power and her will, no matter what the critics say. She WILL prove everything this time, she WILL make them silent. Oh God, what a glorious feeling of happiness, joy and victory! This is history! HISTORY!!!

Backstage with Sandra and Olaf

And yes... there is more to come. Watch out for news on samoqi-music.com. It wasn't her last live concert, and it wasn't mine... See you soon again, Sandra and Olaf... Somewhere in time and on some of your next concerts... Promised!

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Special thanks to Harry and Andrea.
Source: sandrainfo.de, sandra-news.de