COTTBUS - 7 July 2007
(by Ricardos)

After longer discussions on forum of there finally was a group of four fans who wanted to go for Spreeauen Nacht event ( to Cottbus - Aneta, her husband Waldek (the driver), Marek-Nathan from Wroclaw, and of course me, Ricardos. I had the farthest way from my city Warsaw, so the trip for me started early morning at 6:00 am on Saturday, 7th of July, when I got on InterCity to Wroclaw, where I was before noon. The other three fans waited for me there, Aneta with Waldek and Marek. Without wasting time, we got in to the car and drove by superhighway towards Germany. On the way there were 2 stopovers, for dinner and for fuel. After dinner we crossed the border in Olszyn, from here it was only 30 km to Cottbus city,
by superhighway all the time.   

On the superhighway

Entering to Cottbus

A dozen minutes later we drove into the city. Because ealier, on GoogleEarth, I found the place of the concert - Spreeauen Park, we got there easily. When we arrived to the car park, there was almost no-one and we couldn't enter to the park, cause it was closed. They let us in about 4:00 pm. So we bought the tickets and we entered to the park. Two other groups of Sandra's big fans entered with us - they arrived to Cottbus ealier, like us. After reconnoitred the park, we took our seats primarily
by the stage, where were the checks on it.

Stage in SpreeauenPark


Until now there were only a few people and we had time for watching the food attractions, which waited for the guests. In the meantime we made a photo with Sandra's fans, who arrived to Cottbus not only from Germany, but also from other countries like The Czech Republic, Italy,
Romania and Scandinavia.

Sandra's Fans

Because some fans had T-shirts with Sandra, we were identified and we were accosted by the reporters from local media. From our group there was Marek on RBB Television. There were also some
fans from SandaLand on TV.

Sandra on the stage

Interview with Marek

Interview with fans from Germany
and Romania

Interview with Sandra

The time of waiting passed very slow 'til the first concert of Roxi with her rock songs. After her to the stage entered Eliza with a big German sound. The longest concert gave Petra Zieger with the band.
The woman not to be young any more, but in good shape and with the steel voice.

Band Roxi


Petra Zieger & Band

According to plan, after her there had to be Sandra's concert.

Plan of concerts

Songs which Sandra sang on the stage in Cottbus:

1. Intro (The Second Day)
2. Maria Magdalena '99
3. Silence beside me / Silencio a mi lado
4. In the heat of the night
5. Everlasting love
6. Change your mind
7. What is it about me
8. Logical love
9. The way I am (Remix)
10. Maria Magdalena '99

But first we had to wait, cause the technicians changing the stage and during this time the group of young mimes had their appearance. Everybody impatiently waited for the main star of the evening,
but her concert was a little late.

Exactly at 10:22 pm S A N D R A ran to the stage by the big applause of audience. She started like always and with tradition with Maria Magdalena. People crowd rejoiced and gone mad. There were dozens of camera flashes, a lot of video recorders and cell phones. Heroine of the evening was wore (for the second time) the military dress, the blue blouse with the big neckline and white, high shoes. This dress was the same as she had wore on concert in Chemnitz a month ealier. Sandra jumped and danced so vigorously with her two dancers, who sometimes carried her on their hands.
She also talked to audience in breakes between songs. There was so nice, when she asked people if it is true, that so many fans arrived today for her concert from Poland and The Czech Republic. Of course we answer her question and she heard us so clearly. She tried to talked to us some words, but we couldn't understand her, what she said. There were short words in Polish or in Czech,
but she said them so incomprehensible.

Sandra's concert

Sandra sang songs not only from the 80ies, but she also sang four songs from her last album, also partially with live vocal and in Sapnish. It sounded so nice, we could hear Sandra's natural voice at last, not a playback. There were slowly songs like "Silence beside me/Silencio a mi lado", thanks to it, Sandra didn't have to lose your energy for dance and she had the power in her lungs for independent sing. After every song there were a lot of applauses and asks for more. On one of the songs ("Change your mind"), little girls gave Sandra flowers and mascot, then two Czech fans gave her a present. A smile never left her face and the audience was very happy her concert. Beside the applauses, I made some photos, like Waldek. Her wife Aneta made a video of all concert. The hour of concert passed so fast and Sandra started say goodbye with us with flowers on her hands. Scream of enthusiastic audience was so loud, but this time there was no song on bis and Sandra gone down the stage.


A dozen of people, from Sandra fanclubs, squeezed from under the stage to the technical back, where they intend to meet her, but they couldn't do it. When I stood a few meters farther, watching the show of fireworks and lasers, I saw when after this show some people got in to the VW Transpoter. The car had the logo of event company  I expect well, it was Sandra and her two dancers. Moment later the car with blackout windows on the q.t. drove to the exit gate. This was about midnight, there was so dark and the people didn't know who was in this car. But for a moment I saw Sandr's face in the dark. The fans who waited for her hadn't a chance to meet her, like they done on other concerts. After midnight we gone to the car park, packed, got in to the car and drove home.
A few kilometers behind the border we stopped again for fuel and a small meal with coffee, cause we almost 24 hours were without sleep. Then was a night way to Wroclaw, where we said goodbye
and I came back by train to Warsaw.

* * *
Special thanks to Ricardos and Waldek for their beautiful photos from Cottbus.