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Memories of Chris and Julie


Chris wrote me his first mail on 6th of March in 2006, so then I have met him online for the first time. He wrote me about his life, how he felt in love with Sandra and about his girlfriend Julie. They both live in USA - Chris in New York, Julie in Texas. They are very kind and nice people, Julie is also very sweet and pretty woman. That day (6.03) they both joined to my friends' group.

Julie and Chris

Chris listened Sandra sice 1999. What he say about this period? Let's read:
"...in late 1999,
I decided to take a chance on Sandra's music. Let's just say when I heard her for the first time I was hooked! I fell in love with her style, voice, charisma and great songs. She is truly very talented and beautiful lady. I have all her CDs and I have spread the word of her music to many of my friends as well. Even my girlfriend is now a fan"
Chris and Julie decided go to Guestrow for SKY FAMILY DAY 2005 to see Sandra, but this was
a bad time even for us (Polish Fans), because Sandra cancelled her concert. It was so sad for them - they travelled long way from USA to Germany to see their idol. Chris:
"...we all know what happened in Guestrow. To travel across the world to see my favorite singer, and then have her cancel due to illness was extremely disappointing :( I felt like someone stabbed me in my heart. We did manage to have a nice vacation after the fact,
but the sadness in my heart still lingers yet today"
Chris knows our website (sandra.cretu.prv.pl) and he saw our cars in Guestrow with labels on them. Then he knew, we all were in Guestrow, too.
After this event he and Julie did not give up. They hoped to see Sandra in concert and maybe even meet her face to face. Chris:
"We plan on coming back to Guestow to hopefully see Sandra, if she is going indeed to play there".
The second chance was in 2006 and they wanted to use it. They planned to go not only to Guestrow, but they were also in Dortmund concert and later in Ferdinandshof, too. Before Guestrow there was a concert of Sandra in Poland. For the first time me and Inula met Sandra face to face. When Chris saw our photo with Sandra on our website, he wrote me: "Is that photo on your site real? Did you meet Sandra? If so, how do we meet her? Who do we contact. Please help". But what could I do? But Chris was very tough: "I would love to meet Sandra, too, so would my girlfriend Julie. Maybe one day I will". I hoped he will.
In Guestrow they took some nice photos, they were very excited of Sandra's concert and even "Secrets of love" with Dj Bobo. But there he and Julie did not meet her.

Sandra in Guestrow - 11.06.2006

After concert in Guestrow they go to Barcelona on vacation and after this trip they back to Germany for Sandra's concert in Dortmund. And this time they did not have chance to meet Sandra face to face. But Chris and Julie were very happy about this concert and they saw Sandra on stage for the second time.

Sandra in Dortmund - 17.06.2006

A month later they went to Fardinandshof for the next concert of Sandra. This was a magic time for them both. During last concerts Chris and Julie met a lot of German Fans and they met them in Ferdinandshof, too. But this fact is very important to Chris and Julie:
And even they were in TV - German NDR.

TV NDR Report - 31.07.2006

Interview with Chris
and Julie

During Sandra's concert

Chris is talking to Sandra

Sandra's autograph
for Chris

Interview with Chris
after meeting with Sandra

Their dreams came true. But let's read Chris memories:
"We were standing near the front of the stage. A few people were interviewed. Then I was right there, so they told me to get up there and talk. I told them that I was from NY and Julie from Texas and that we came all that way just to see Sandra. NDR was great and very friendly and good to all of us. They then brought Sandra's manager to talk to us, and me. By the time the show started we were already told, that we were to meet Sandra after the show. Sandra even welcomed us during the show and the pointed us out to the crowd :) Fans here from NY! After the last song, they pulled us all back stage, and I was the first to meet her! She shook my hand, and we talked, and she would not let go of my hand for at least 2 minutes! I was not nervous at all. She was very friendly, asked me questions and was so sweet to me.
I gave her a photo I took in Guestrow, that I enlarged, and had her autograph. WOW! A dream come true! And of course, as you saw, I was on TV! Too cool!"

Sandra in Ferdinandshof - 29.07.2006

When I saw them in NDR TV, I was so happy for them, they met Sandra!
This story tells us, that our dreams will come true some day, but we have to believe in that.
Chris and Julie believed with all their hearts and now they have great memories.

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Special thanks to Chris and Julie for their beautiful photos from concerts.
Also I would like to thank Chris for permission to use some fragments of his e-mails.