In short

 Full name:   Sandra Ann Lauer Menges - ex Cretu

 Birthday:   18 May 1962

 Birthplace:   Saarbrücken (Germany)

 Marital status:   separated (husband - Olaf Menges)

Weddingday with Menges:   1 March 2010

 Ex-husband:   Michael Cretu (Enigma)

 Weddingday with Cretu:   7 January 1988

 Divorceday:   May 2008

 Children:   Nikita and Sebastian Cretu (twins)

 Children birthday:   6 July 1995

 Parents:   Robert i Karin Lauer

 Siblings:   brother Gaston (died in 1995)

 Height:   1,69 m

 Weigh:   55 kg

 Hair colour:   brown

 Eyes colour:   brown

 Favourite artists:   Phil Collins, Kate Bush

 Favourite book:    The Neverending Story

 Favourite food:    Italian

 Hobbies:    dancing, fashion, astronomy,
                 skiing and riding