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CATHY - admin


     My name is Cathy, I live in Rzeszow. I'm married and have two sweet kids - Eva and Alan. I am an international tour guide however, because of the family, I don't work in my profession.
     I've been a Sandra's fan since 1987 - when for the first time I had seen her show on TV - she was singing Everlasting Love and was so pretty... Later, on my birthday, my mum gave me an album, titled The Long Play - I was really surprised, moreover, I didn't know all of Sandra's songs that time. My passion has stayed with me till now. I've collected loads of her albums, singles, books, photos, video clips and many more... I'm so happy about it and I hope my collection would become bigger in future.
     An creation of this website has been my biggest dream and... here it is!

INULA - admin


     My name is Evelyn, I live in Goleniow. I'm a very happy wife and a mother of three lovely kids - Oscar, Dally and Dacian. I also have a dog and a cat, because I love animals so much :)
     I've been a Sandra's fan since 1985 - when for the first time I listened to the Maria Magdalena song. Since that time, I've been listening to her songs and I've been buying her music albums. In 2002 for the first time I acquainted myself with the Arabesque's trio...I like their music, I must admit, however Sandra's music appeals stronger to me. Till now, I've been collecting everything what refers to her - music albums, singles, videos... I've still been trying to make my collection bigger.
     I can't wait to her new songs and shows... I hope she will release not the only one, new album and will perform not the only one concert.


Start date of working together: January 2004
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     My name is Peter, I work and live in Mragowo, where I come from.
     I've been a Sandra's fan since a day - when for the first time I listened to, and saw on TV, the Heaven Can Wait clip. Since that moment her music has been a part of my life. I've been collecting her songs, videos and everything what refers to her.
     Till now, I've had an opportunity to be at her concerts twice, on the 3rd of June 2006, in Plock and on the 14th of December 2007, in Vilnius. It was such a big pleasure to me to meet her and ask for a joint photo and her autograph, while she was in Plock.


Start date of working together: December 2007
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    My name is Kryspina. I am married. I've been living abroad for some time. Professionally, I am a chemist.
     I've been listening to Sandra's songs since my dad gave me two music tapes which were her albums. It was in 1987... This is how my fascination of Sandra's music began and it has been lasting till now.


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* ... our families for indulgence

* ... Maciek for his work and huge help at the beginning of the website creation

* ... Adrian for his help with php scripts

* ... Mr Peter Wozniak for his agreeing on using his articles about Sandra - e.g. a wonderful biography

* ... Anetka, Misia, Nathan, Ricardos, Samurai, Waldek and everybody else, who try to help us and improve the website

* ... all the Sandra's fans for support and warm words, which give us energy and motivation to develop our website

* ... Sandra for her singing and her being for us - she is our inspiration