People of Sandra

   Sandra's Band  
There are members of Sandra's band: (on the left on photo):
- Alex Klier (electric guitar)
- Gladys Mwero Mwachiti (vocal, choirs)
- Sandra (lead vocal)
- Miyabi Sudo (keyboard)
- Manuel Lopez (electric guitar, vocal)
- Peter Wrba (drums)

   Alex Pierre Schuke  
Alex is Sandra's new manager since August 2014.
   Olaf Menges  
He was born in 1968. He is a trader from Iserlohn in Germany, but he lives on Mallorca Island now. Co-producer of Sandra's album "Back To Life" and her manager, and he was her husband since 1st March 2010. Now Sandra and Olaf are separated since September 2014.

Sandra and Olaf after appearance in RTL television
   Michael Cretu  
Superb musician who was born on the 18th of May in 1957 in Bucharest/Romania. Michael studied classical music in Bucharest, Paris and Frankfurt. After studies he was known as a very talented composer, keyboarder and producer. He met Sandra Lauer
in times of Arabesque, he played in Arabesque as a keyboarder.
Co-composer and author of many Sandra's lyrics, producer/co-producer of all her albums. He married Sandra on 7 January 1988. Now they are divorced since May 2008.
Creator of Enigma - project, in which also Sandra has a part in it.
He co-operated and he still co-operates with world-famous musicians, like: Peter Cornelius, Andru Donalds or Jens Gad.
   Jens Gad  
Very talented artist, musician, composer and excellent guitar player.
He started cooperation with Michael Cretu in 1991 after Frank Peterson leaving.
Co-producer of Sandra's albums: "Fading Shades", "My Favourites", "The Wheel Of Time", "Back To Life", "Stay In Touch" and producer of "The Art Of Love" album.
He is also an author of most Sandra's songs from "Fading Shades" or "Stay In Touch" and author of lyrics and music of "The Art Of Love" album. He made remixes to "Secrets Of Love" - Dj Bobo & Sandra single. He was mostly responsible for Enigma and an instrumental project "T.A.A.W.".

Jens Gad and Sandra during studio recording by the album "The Art Of Love"
   Miyabi Sudo  

Talented keyboarder. Sandra's close friend. She took part in recording of videoclip "(Life May Be) A Big Insanity". She accompanied Sandra in tournee in September 1990, playing keyboards. We could see her in 1990 during Sandra's TV appearances.
She was invited to cooperation with "The Art Of Love" album - in title song she played on koto.
Now Miyabi is the member of Sandra's band.

Miyabi and Sandra on Ibiza in Jens Gad's house
   Andy Jonas  
Also known as Andy "Angel" Hard. He is German singer from Bavaria, who appears under the name Angel X, member of German group "Tagträumer".
He was a male voice on Sandra's albums "Close To Seven" and "Fading Shades". He wrote song for Sandra called "I Close My Eyes" from "The Wheel Of Time". He also sang in Enigma's songs - we could hear him in song "Return To Innocence".
Now he is working with Sandra on her live concerts.
   Jürgen Thürnau  
A long time personal friend and manager of Sandra and Michael Cretu. He started his career as
a record salesman, he created his own music management company, called "Mambo Music". Later he changed the name to "
Crocodile Music".
He stopped working with Sandra as her manager in October 2012.
   Hubert Kemmler  
He was born on the 21st of March in 1961 in Tübingen/Germany - very talented singer. He wrote lyrics and he was co-composer of most Sandra's songs from her albums. Kemmler was with Sandra from the beginning of her solo career and he had a big influence on its course. He sang most of the male parts in Sandra's songs from albums "The Long Play", "Mirrors", "Into A Secret Land" and "Ten On One " or "Greatest Hits".
At the beginning of eighties he created with Klaus Hirschburger and Markus Löhr German band called "Hubert Kah".
In 1988 he left Sandra's team because of personal problems and serious illness. But in 2012 he came back as a backvocal on Sandra's album "Stay In Touch".
   Klaus Hirschburger  
Very talented song writer and bass guitar player, he was born on the 2nd of April
in 1963 in Reutlingen/Germany. He was a former member of "Hubert Kah" band.
He was involved in all Sandra's productions. Like Hubert Kemmler he is a co-author of most of Sandra's songs from "The Long Play" to "Fading Shades". He is close friend and assistant of Michael Cretu, creator of Enigma's lyrics.

   Markus Löhr  
He was born on the 14th of March in 1963 in Reutlingen/Germany - song writer, guitar player, the third member of "Hubert Kah" band. He was co-author of most Sandra's songs and a co-composer some of them. His guitar player abilities we can hear on "The Long Play" album.
   Peter Ries  
Giutar player, also known as Marc Cassandra or Steve Hall - he released his own music under this name.
Member of Sandra's band, at the eighties and nighties, he appeared with her on the stage during TV appearances, concerts and video clips, playing guitar. He sang on Sandra's albums "Mirrors" and "Ten On One".
Reis is also an author of remixes from "My Favourites". He wrote lyrics to songs on "The Wheel Of Time" album.
During cooperation with Sandra he recorded his own version and remix of "Heartbeat (That's Emotions)" - Sandra's song from "The Long Play" album.
   Frank Peterson  
Also known as Frank Peter. He was born on the 20th of December in 1963 in Hamburg. Keyboarder, member of Sandra's band.
He was co-author of Sandra's lyrics and composer of her several songs from albums "Into A Secret Land" and "Paintings In Yellow".
He was co-producer of first Enigma's album "MCMXC a.D." under the name F.Gregorian.
In 1990 left Sandra's team and Michael Cretu and he created his own project called "Gregorian".
   Wolfgang Filz  
Talented drummer and composer, he is from Düsseldorf.
Member of Sandra's band, we could see him on the stage during Sandra's apperarances, he played drums in the background of stage, also during program of German MDR channel - "Musik Für Sie", when Sandra sang "I Close My Eyes" and "Medley".
Together with Peter Ries he was co-author of remixes from "My Favourites".
Composer and co-author of lyrics from last album of Sandra - "The Wheel Of Time".
   Tom Leonhardt  
Guitar player, who co-operated with Sandra. He payed guitars on the albums "Paintings In Yellow" and "Close To Seven". He took part in tournee with Sandra's band, also in Russia.
   Hanni Hansen  
Drummer. He took part in Sandra's TV appearnces and concerts.
   Peter Cornelius  
Austrian singer, writer, composer and guitar player. Privately Cretu's close friend.
His guitar parts we can hear on album "Close To Seven".
Close partner of Michael Cretu, not only in lyrics but also in music to "Close To Seven" album. He took part with Michael in project Cornelius/Cretu in 1993.
   Fryderyk Gabowicz  
He was born on the 27th of February in 1947 in Tel Aviv. In the age of 17 he came to Germany. Well-known photographer of stars from showbusiness world from Munich.
He was Sandra's court photographer. Author of most her photos, which we could see
in German press or books. He died in Munich on the 5th of May in 2007, in the age of 60.
   Armand Volker  
German producer, he co-operated with Michael Cretu and Sandra. He was a co-producer most of earlier Sandra's albums.