I. Organizers
1. Contest is organize by
2. Contest starts on the 23rd of February, 2013 and it lasts for 8th of March, 2013.

II. Participants of contest
1. Participant of contest can be every manual person, who will send the correct answers for two questions before the term given in piont I-2.

III. Prizes
1. The prizes in contest are 5 cards with original Sandra's autograph (they are founded by Sandra Management), and the single "In A Heartbeat".

IV. Principles of contest
1. Condition of taking part in contest is the correct answers to contest questions.

2. You have to fill in the Contest Form (link to the form is on site Contests). You must fill in all items in the form. Giving us the wrong answer, false details, not complete details or not giving details at all, it causes to disqualify from the contest.

3. The date of sending answers passes at the 8th of March, 2013.

4. One person can take part in contest only one time (it concerns the same IP, surname, mail or address details, which could repeat).

5. There will be appoint 6 prizewinners in drawing.

6. All questions about contest send to mails to Cathy.

7. Contest is conduct on principles wrote in this Regulations.

8. Participant who take this contest must to agree with conditions wrote in this Regulations.

V. Contest results
1. Names of winners will be published on site after the end of contest, to the 10th of March, 2013 at the latest.

2. Participants of contest will be inform about the prize winning by the mail wrote in sending contest form.

3. Prizes will not change to other prize or some money.

4. The winner must to confirm her/his desire of prize receipt.

5. When the Organizers cannot to contact with the Winner or when the Winner will not confirm desire of prize receipt in 4 days from the date of informed about the prize winning, Organizer will make renewed drawing.

6. All prizes will send to winners to their address showed in contest form, to the 20th of March, 2013 at the latest.

VI. Personal details
1. Every person who takes part in contest gives an assent to process of personal details by in order to take this contest (according to the Polish Act from 22 January 2004 about changing the act of presonal details protection).

2. Take part in contest is the agreement to publish the name, surname and city/country of prizewinners in winner list on site of

3. Every contest participant voluntarily agrees to send personal details to Organizers by mails.

4. Organizer of contest does not bear any responsibility for possible personal details robbery by sending them using mails.

VII. Final decisions
1. This Regulations is only one document which describes the contest rules.