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Freeze Emotions
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Added: 27-01-2007 02:37:37
:love::love::love::love::love: hallo leute und alle sandra - Fans
Hi, wir sind Freeze Emotions und haben die Single Heaven can wait gecovert und dazu auch ein musik video gedreht. Und nun würden wir uns sehr freuen wenn ihr die echten sandra fans mal eurer meinung abgeben würdet!!! ich bzw wir selber sind sehr grosse sandra fans und haben einige song von ihr gecovert... aber heaven can wait schlägt gut an... also schaut und hört und sagt mal meinung geile seite hier... Freeze Emotions :love::love::love::love::love::love:

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Added: 11-09-2006 13:30:06
thank you! the new enigma´s album is perfect and I know that the art of love will be perfect too. sometimes I think about going to santa ines & ring your bell or left a letter saying you how much I like your music. kisses & bye.

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Added: 01-08-2006 17:20:35
J'attends avec impatience ton nouvel album. Je t'adore........... Sandra 04

Added: 21-07-2006 15:30:47
dear Cathy you will create always Sandra 01

george brouwer
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Added: 16-06-2006 14:55:02
cool site! I love sandra and her music! who can help me to get the whole cd forever and can anyone tell me if she sings gigi lamoroso Sandra 02

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Added: 09-06-2006 23:30:50
I like Sandra (and Enigma) and I am so happy to find this web site to know all news. Thanks

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Added: 22-04-2006 12:42:04
Hi! Thank you for all. Congratulations. Françoise (from Paris) Sandra 04

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Added: 11-03-2006 14:34:18
HI THERE. I just want to say that your site rocks... Very good job, keep on the good work and always keep us informed. Greetings. Sandra 01

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Added: 26-02-2006 16:50:10
Wirklich eine tolle Seite, die ich schon seit langem mir ansehe.... Macht weiter so... Sandra 04
Your site is very great... Thank you!!

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Added: 26-01-2006 16:28:02
Hello and congratulations for this site!

Quynh Anh
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Added: 26-01-2006 10:54:27
I must say this site is fantastic. I love it! It's professionally organized and very informative. Thank you very much for making this site available for Sandra fans. Thank you! Thank you!!!!! I wish to see this site keep going on for a very long long time. Best Wishes for all of you. QA

Kovács Henriett
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Added: 25-01-2006 15:35:26
Hello, It's website is fantastic! Congratulations!!! Heni

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