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Added: 22-10-2011 00:32:15

Added: 05-10-2011 07:30:46
Hi! Big greetings to Poland´s Sandra fans. On our website we put a link to your site among the most important if you want you can also publish our link, thank you

sandra (cretu)
Added: 11-08-2011 17:43:15
i love sandra forever

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Added: 05-07-2011 00:43:55
i just love sandra.
she is the most beautiful woman and she has the loveliest voice ever
You there?

dina fouad
Added: 24-06-2011 20:58:46
i love sandra I love you...

name (name)
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Added: 05-02-2011 12:27:45
Perfect work,

sabagh (anna)
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Added: 12-01-2011 23:01:31
hello.iam an iranian fan. .i love you and your songs.i wish you enjoy and happiness.Call me... Call me... Call me... Call me... Call me...

sabagh (mehrdad)
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Added: 11-01-2011 02:40:53
hi i'm from persia i'm big fan of sandra even untill now i havent had any relation with girls.she is my greatest female singer. more than a singer thank you for everythingYes

Carlos Zanotto (Carlinhos)
Added: 07-03-2010 04:26:04
oi linda Sandra...
...tenho muita saudade de você, da década de 80....

...little girl, I'II never be....Forever....

Amo muito vc..Sou seu fã ateé hoje

Querida, que Deus te ilumine pra vc poder continuar cantando pra nós, os seus fãs, pois te amamos muito.


PS. por favor, seja minha amiga e me adicione no ORKUT.


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Added: 16-01-2010 17:19:15
Sandra you are my lifeCheers

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Added: 23-12-2009 03:09:31
Your website is absolutely great and you do a terrific job. Thank you for sharing it with others who like Sandra. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers

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Added: 05-09-2009 08:30:46
I am iranian.I want have a
new your album.tankyou

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Added: 29-08-2009 09:15:53
HI !! My friENds...
HOw ARe YoU..!!:. i HoPE.. very gOod..
I Want to mAke One grOup of FANS SANDRA CHILEAN ..
i Like So muCh .. a grEeatIng Of Sandra us
I waNt thAt SANDRA kNows Os tHis gRoup aNd my FriEnds haPpy also..
( parA mis comPAtRIOTas.. les dejo mi email (

And REGadRs ALL ..
SandrA Forever!!
Bye ..
(Sid - First Lullaby)

manu (manuke)
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Added: 15-07-2009 22:28:18
I know Sandra only for 3 years, I found out on the internet who she was, and I'm glad I found all her music, I didn't know she had so many hits, the last album is great, but I miss micheal cretu influence, but it's a new start now and I'm very thankfull, she did a duet with thomas anders. I've seen her live in Bad segenberg and this is the memory of my live, I hope she comes to belgium, she needs a promotion here, If I say 'Sandra' they only know the song Maria magdalena, and that's sad, because she has a lot more great tracks. thanks for this great side, this is a gift for the fans. thank you, Manu from belgium

Vangelis (evan73)
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Added: 18-05-2009 15:18:27
Sandra is one of those angels God sends to us to make our lives more beautiful. So, like a true angel, she deserves the best in life! I wish her every happiness in the world and I wish for us to be able to enjoy her for many many years yet!
Happy birthday Sandra! I love you!I love you...

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