Sandra's surprise

About our question, did he receive our letter, Sandra's manager answered:
Yes, I found your letter in hundreds of letters. I will see Sandra on 20th December (2005). She will sign your photos but there is no time to answer your questions."
I asked, why she will not answer to our questions, she answered to German and not for the first time? Manager answered:
Sandra is not answering for letters with questions. If she would do this, year must have 500 days. She only signs photos."
Then he added:
Sometimes, when she is here in my office in Germany, she answers some letters. But now is enough discussion."
So, enough is enough. I thought, manager got bogged down in details and he contradicted himself. I will not to judge him. But we will get the photos at least. So me and Inula waited for these photos. I looked into letter-box day by day. Finally on 13th January (2006) on Friday I received a letter from Crocodile Music. I knew what to expect, so I opened this letter very quietly. But except photos... there were some sheets of paper... Oh My God! Out letter with questions was full of answers... I felt shock! We have not an ounce of hope, Sandra will answer, but she did it... GREAT :)

SANDRA, thank you very much for your nice surprise for
Fans in Poland and all over the world !!!

And this is the letter - it is in English (so just click to picture
and read):


And these are photos signed by Sandra - on first photo Sandra wrote: TO ALL MY FANS IN POLAND - SANDRA