TV interview with Sandra from programme screened
on German RTL - Die Ultimative ChartShow from 17.09.2005.

Oliver Geissen: Mind the step! Hello!
Sandra: Hello! (kiss)
Oliver Geissen: You know Barbara, Markus and Thomas.

Everybody welcome Sandra!

Sandra: Hello Thomas! (kiss)
Oliver Geissen: You know each other, of course. Babsi you're sliding in the slit again, what's happened?
Barbara Schöneberger: I'm sitting in the slit all the time. It's terrible!
Oliver Geissen:
You've got eight top-ten-hits from the 80's. How do you handle this music today? Do you still like to sing it or you said: My god, I've sung it so often and anyway it has to be buggered or...
Sandra: I think so! Yes.
Oliver Geissen:
Really? Yes?
Sandra: I'm very glad that it's over! (laughs)
Oliver Geissen:
Really? Why?
Sandra: Well, I've made eight albums in the meantime with so good music on them and the most people don't know it.
Oliver Geissen: What kind of music is it? What's the different to those...?


Sandra: It's also pop music, but well done pop music. I mean, I've got a very good producer (smiles), that's for sure... At the moment I'm thinking about it all the time cause I'm making
a new album right now. I don't want revealing to much about it, but it would be very interesting.
Oliver Geissen: Vocal, also qualitatively, you're attracted - take note of yours. You were an atypical, but also your clothes were very special. Hmm, you had your style...
Sandra: (laughs) Yes, I had designed them myself, yes.
Oliver Geissen:
Barbara Schöneberger:
Don't see that!
Oliver Geissen:
That they're self-designed?
Sandra: Well, I had myself inspire by the Japanese style, cause I were there eleven times altogether and I was there on tour, too. And I found the Japanese fashion designer always very good.

Oliver shows the pictures


Oliver Geissen: What I've done here? So!
Sandra: Yes, right. And I have the fabrics from it. I had the fabrics from it, too.
Oliver Geissen:
Do you still have these clothes?
Sandra: (points at picture) This one I still have. Yes.
Barbara Schöneberger:
Yes? And did you wear it from time to time? No... ?
Sandra: No, it's hanging in the wardrobe.
Barbara Schöneberger:
Very good.
Oliver Geissen:
If you're going to the flea market sometimes...
Sandra: I'm just a kind of person who likes to hoard things. No, I like to hoard. I can't give things away. I've got so much unbelievable meters of stage outfits in my wardrobes. I've got my first dress from cover picture also, this red transparent dress. I've got that still. I still have all. (laughs)
Oliver Geissen:
We're very curious about this dress. Is it that? The transparent dress? No?
Sandra: No! No! No!
Oliver Geissen: We're very curious about the new direction of the music and we hope it would be similar successful, we always wait honor and like we said we miss it a little bit. Apart from that I think we don't have to wish you much fun and a nice life when you're living on Ibiza cause that you have for sure, do you?
Sandra: Yes, this we've got. Yes.
Oliver Geissen:
Yes. Give your family my regards, although we haven't met!
Sandra: Thank you!