TEN ON ONE (The Singles)

1. Everlasting Love
(James "Buzz" Cason/Mac Gayden)
2. Hi! Hi! Hi! (*)
(Cretu/Kemmler - Cretu/Hirschburger)
3. Stop For A Minute
(Cretu - Hirschburger)
4. Innocent Love (*)
(Kemmler/Herter - Müller/Hirschburger)
5. Little Girl
(Kemmler/Löhr/Cretu - Hirschburger)
6. Maria Magdalena
(Kemmler/Löhr/Cretu - Palmer-James)
7. In The Heat Of The Night
(Cretu/Kemmler - Löhr/Hirschburger)
8. Midnight Man (*)
(Kemmler/Cretu - Kemmler/Hirschburger)
9. Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World) (*)
(Kemmler/Cretu - Kemmler/Hirschburger)
10. Loreen
(Peter/Cretu - Peter/Hirschburger)

 Lead vocal by Sandra Lauer
 Background vocals by Hubert Kemmler, Michael Cretu, Peter Reis, Thissy Thiers

 Keyboards and computer programming by
Michael Cretu
 Electric and acoustic guitars by
Markus Löhr
 Electronic percussion on "Everlasting Love"  by Curt Cress
 Additional guitars by
Mats Björklund and Peter Cornelius

 Recorded and mixed at Data-Alpha-Studio, Munich, Germany

 Produced by Michael Cretu
 (*) Produced by Michael Cretu, Armand Volker

Photography: Dieter Eikelpoth
 Cover: Mike Schmidt - INK Studios

 Release date: 5 October 1987



RELEASED - in August 1987
1. Everlasting Love (Extended Version) 7'27
2. Change Your Mind 4'04
3. Everlasting Love (Single Version) 3'49


RELEASED - in January 1988
1. Stop For A Minute (Extended Version) 6'19
2. Two Lovers Tonight 3'45
3. Stop For A Minute (Single Version) 4'05

'Stop for a Minute' was used in German TV criminal of the Tatort series, called 'Tatort' (Salü Palü). It was set in Saarbrücken, Sandra's hometown, and she had a stage appearance in a club scene. It was the only appearance of Sandra in that film, she did not play an acting role. The scenes in the original video clip Stop for a Minute are much the same as what could be seen of her in the movie.