(The 9th album)

1. R U Feeling Me
2. Once In A Lifetime
3. In A Heartbeat
4. The Night Is Still Young (+ Thomas Anders)
5. Just Like Breathing
6. Never Before
7. Always On My Mind
8. Behind Those Words
9. What If
10. Say Love
11. Put Some 80ies In It
(Königseder/Komlew/von Brünken/Kunzi)
12. These Moments
(T.Gad - T.Gad/sin Morera)
13. I Want You
14. Tete A Tete
(S.Lauer/J.Gad - S.Lauer/J.Gad/Cuidad)
15. Who I Am

 Lead vocal by Sandra Lauer

 Gospel choir in 'In A Heartbeat' by Sandra and Martha Redbourne
 Male vocal in 'The Night Is Still Young' by Thomas Anders
 Rap in 'Always On My Mind' by El Fudge
 Add. voices in 'I Want You' and 'Say Love' by O.G.Mendes

 Programming and all instruments by Toby Gad and Jens Gad
 'Say Love' by Frederik Thomander and Anders Wikstroem

 Produced by Jens Gad
 Co-produced by Olaf Menges
 'Never Before' - produced by Axel Breitung for Bishop Productions
 'Put Some 80ies In It' - produced by Zippy Davids, Michael Kunzi and Tuneverse

 Published by Gad Songs, Squeak A Maouse Music, Wild Pink Music, Wonderland Music Comp. Inc., Trevelyn  Rd Music, Warner Chappell Music, Sony ATV Tree Publ., Warner House Of Music, Bishop Songs  Musikverlag,  Samoqi-Crocodile Music, Cherry Lane Music Publ., Liedela Music, Edition Lexland Songs, Air Chrysalis,  Manus, Cyclus, Stilwerk-Sony ATV, Maja-Crocodile Music.

 Photos by Sven Sindt
 Cover by

 Song 'I Want You' Sandra dedicated to the love of her life

 Release date: 27 March 2009

* * *

 Album "Back To Life" in digital version as download on iTunes has two bonus songs, not published on CD  version. They are: "Redis Moi" (J.Gad, Sandra Lauer) and "Echo Of My Heart" (J.Gad, Sandra Lauer).



RELEASED on 6 March 2009
1. In A Heartbeat (Album Version) 3'36
2. In A Heartbeat (NYC 38th Street Mix) 5'21
3. These Moments (Album Version) 3'29
4. Kiss My... (Exclusive Track) 3'07

Song 'Kiss My...' (T.Gad/K.Brown) didn't
release on album, it was added to single
as a bonus song.


RELEASED on 8 May 2009
1. The Night Is Still Young (feat. Thomas Anders) 3'22
2. The Night Is Still Young (Casa Sylt Mix) 4'45
3. The Night Is Still Young (Solo Version) 3'22
4. Redis Moi 3'45

Song 'Redis Moi' (S.Lauer/J.Gad/F.Cuidad) didn't
release on album, it was added to single as a bonus song.