1. (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena           3'58
2. In The Heat Of The Night           5'07
3. Little Girl           3'11
4. Innocent Love (*)           4'21
5. Hi! Hi! Hi! (*)           4'08
6. Loreen           4'17
7. Midnight Man (*)           3'04
8. Everlasting Love           3'51
9. Stop For A Minute           4'05
10. Heaven Can Wait           4'04
11. Secret Land           4'45
12. We'll Be Together           3'49
13. Around My Heart           3'10
14. Hiroshima           4'11
15. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity           4'29
16. One More Night           4'06
17. Don't Be Aggressive           4'22
18. Johnny Wanna Live           3'52

 Lead vocal by Sandra Cretu
 Backgrounds vocals by Hubert Kemmler, Michael Cretu, Peter Reis, Thissy Thiers

 Produced by Michael Cretu
 (*) Produced by Michael Cretu, Armand Volker

 Cover art: LMP
 Photography: Steffen Jagenburg

 Release date: 12 October 1992



RELEASED in October 1992
1. Johnny Wanna Live (Radio Edit) 3'52
2. Johnny Wanna Live (Extended Version) 5'18
3. Mirrored In Your Eyes 3'26



 The German Bertelsmann Club brought out a re-release of "18 Greatest Hits" in the club-internal CD-series  called "Portrait". The CD itself is absolutely identical to "18 Greatest Hits", a computer comparison between  track lengths and waveforms showed no difference. The booklet and the label design are very different:
 in the booklet there are series of black and white pictures and a brief biography of Sandra on 10 pages.
 The biography has some errors, but all in all it describes Sandra's career pretty well. "Portrait - Sandra"
 was only available for members of the Bertelsmann Club, it was not available in record stores and the  release was limited to a certain time period.

 Release date: June 2001