Sandra Ann Lauer was born on the 18th of May in 1962 under Taurus sign of the zodiac in Saarbrücken town. Her homtown is Munich. She has got brown eyes and thick chestnuts hair. Her father Robert Lauer is French, her mother - Karin is German. Her father owned a shop with wines in Saarbrücken and her mother worked in the shoe shop. Sandra has got 2 years older brother Gaston who worked in the computer trade (he died at the age of 35).

Sandra at the age of 3 Sandra with brother Gaston

      Sandra is a vegetarian and she loves animals very much. She grew up in protestant family but since 1986 she stopped going to a church. Shopping and clothes designing is one of her favourite hobbies. She is also interested in fashion, astronomy and dancing. During winter season she loves skiing, in the summer - water skiing and riding a horse. She is naturally a homebody, she likes luxurious furnitures and cars.

Sandra with her cat Johnny

      She likes eating in the small and cosy Italian and Japanese restaurants. She drinks milk and cappucino most. Her favourite book is "Neverending Story" and favourite artists are Phil Collins and Kate Bush (she likes also listening to Art of Noise and Elton John music).

      In the half of seventies Sandra was a schoolgirl at the girl's primary school. After classes, while ironing father's shirts, she used to dream to become a famous music star and sing for thousands of fans. Her dream finally came true, but the way to realize it was difficult and full of sacrifices. Her homtown Saarbrucken was not a gate which leads to the wonderfull world of show-business, rather it was a herald of uninteresting future in colourless world of normality.

Sandra's parents - Robert and Karin

Besides, financial possibilities of her family were limited. Their parents had an ordinary life - they lived in the row house and once
a year they went on a trip to France or other country in Europe. Even so Sandra did not give up and was ready to make her dream come true at any price. She used to lock in her room to listen to her favourite CDs like "Everlasting Love" of Love Affair. She used to sing and dance in front of the mirror. She was training as long as she reliazed, that what she is doing, doing good. Her parents could not resist her requests and were paying for ballet and guitar lessons. Sandra used to dance while walking to the shop or in the playground. She had contiued dance lessons for 10 years.

Sandra - teenager Arabesque

      Sudenlly she got a great chance in her life. She knew how to take advantage of this. In the age of only 13 she took a part in the young talented stars competition. Thanks to the participation she was invited to record a single "Andy Mein Freund". The CD turned out to be a complite flop, but Sandra got noticed. After graduating from school, 16 years old Sandra joined the Arabesque trio. Together with Michaela Rose and Jasmin Vetter - a novice Sandra won a fame in Japan. Later her hits became also famous in Germany. The price of fame was very high. Sandra had to leave her family she was close to, and move to Frankfurt. She lived in her pink flat feeling very lonely. All her concert tours, live performances in the huge stadiums, new stage clothes were organized by herself. It was a hard "school of life". It turned out to be very useful in her future career, because she became resourceful and confident.
      In 1984 Arabesque band fell apart and each of girls went their own way. Sandra was not discougaged by failure of her solo single "Japan Ist Weit" (produced by M. Cretu) and she kept working. She had 22 years old, having already 9 years experince in singing and significantly surpass her peers in life experience. While her friends were going to the clubs, Sandra was working very hard and at the same time, fathom out the finance tricks of show-business. Thanks to the happy lot and her attitude towards career she could achieve longed for success.

Michael Cretu (in the 80s) Michael Cretu (now)

      While recording in the studio in Frankfurt Sandra met Michael Cretu, who incredibly made impression on her. Michael Cretu - producer, sound director, composer and musician in one person is very important and significant in German show-business. He was a founder and a member of Wild River and Moti Special bands. He sang under "Cat Cretu" alias and had some influence on Boney M. band career. He was born on 18th of May in 1957 in Bukarest in Romania. He has got German citizenship. Michael worked in studio, earning money to pay for music school. While Arabesque tour in Japan he joined the band playing keyboards. Exotic beauty, sexy figure, subtle voice and romantic personality made enormous impression on him. They became couple during their stay in Prince Hotel in Tokyo. Before it happened they met each other at work - they had the same goal: achieve sucees.
      After Arabesque breakdown Sandra and Michael moved to Munich, where he created his own record studio called "Data - Alpha". He started working on Sandra's voice, searched the best composers for her like: Hubert Kemmler, Markus Löhr and song writer Klaus Hirschburger. Their long period cooperation bore fruit in many hits. Their names are in almost all Sandra's CDs which contributed to her sucees. Fryderyk Gabowicz took care of Sandra's visual setting. As it is shown the whole panel of experts worked on Sandra's image and it happen ... SUCCESS !!!

Sandra is celebrated not only in Germany,
she is known too in Turkey, South Africa,
Venezuela, and even in Egypt.

      In that kind of music it happens rarely that a performer kept being on the top charts for many years. Usually it is only one season artists. Sandra broke the rule. For quite a while she is one of the most known artists in Germany and other countries. Sandra had been creating her own stage image for the past five years. She is not a puppet in producer's hands, she knows what she wants - and consistently realize music conception outlined by Michael. She was surrounded by professionals and learnt from them a lot. But the sucees did not go to her head. She was still working on her own: she lernt singing and English. In a free time she sewed and tried on costumes for photo session and video clips. The sucees did not come easy - she worked hard on it.


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.