Only a week after appearance in Poland, Sandra gave a great concert in German Büsum. Fans could hear her old hits, like "Maria Magdalena", but there also were songs they weren't hear live at all and one song from the last album.

Concert in Büsum

     And this time Sandra appeared with her new partner Olaf, who accompanied her everywhere, supported her and helped. Fans asking for autographs didn't disturb him. Patient, smiling, friendly, opened to people - Polish fans also think about him like this.


Sandra with her partner giving autographs

     During stay in Büsum Sandra agreed for the interview for admins of Cretuworld - she wanted to straighten out a lot of ambiguities and rumors about her, and also talk about things wrong presented by media. During the conversation she disclosed a lot of details about her new album, which will be released betwen March and April 2009. She presented her plans, intentions, she gave away to the fans among other things, the album will include 12 songs, they will be only fast songs, the concerts were changed, there will be a band with 3-4 people choir, she explain also why she is still singing from half-playback (refered to articles in Polish press). She said, her obesity is not a result from alcohol drinking, like (Polish) press wrote, but from necessity of taking cortisone injections because of inflammation of her right hip joint synovial membrane. She also said about her divorce and rumors about it. For the first time Sandra had a chance to say in public her opinion, told her version of events. This conversation was very necessary not only to Sandra, but to her fans. It dispeled a lot of rumors.

Sandra and Olaf during interview for Cretuworld

Similarly like last year and this time the holidays passed with concerts. Til the end of the year Sandra gave only two concerts in Moscow. In whole year there were a lot of words, a lot of promises about new album. It's recording in America, it will be a real pop music on it, songs will be fast and cheerful, no more sadness, songs will be about 12 plus 4 to dowload, album will be released in March/April, concerts will be with band and choir and the songs will be sing live.

     In second half of January 2009, there're started some speculations about Sandra's new album. And suddenly on 29th January the message from menager appeared on Crocodile Music site - nobody's expecting it. In one moment fans learnt about TV appearnace in RTL television, new single and new album!
On 13th February Sandra was a guest of "Die Ultimative Chartshow" (for the third time), she sung a medley of "Maria Magdalena" and the new single "In A Heartbeat", which will be released on the 6th March.
But the message of the day was the information about new album called "BACK TO LIFE", which will be released on 27th March 2009. On this album will be 15 songs. Album was produced by Jens Gad, most of its songs were write by his brother Toby.
In songs we will hear: gospel choir in "In A Heartbeat", male vocal in duo with Thomas Anders - "The Night Is Still Young", rap by VA Slim in "Always On My Mind" and voices by Mendez in "I Wan You" and "Say Love".
For the first time Sandra will record album faster then it was announced. The end of 2009 turned out be its March!
But this is not everything. Mentioned song "The Night Is Still Young" will be also published on Thomas Anders' album "GOOD KARMA", which will be released in April 2009. Will it be a single? Will the videoclip be shoot to "In A Heartbeat"? What will the cover of "BACT TO LIFE" be?
These questions will be without answer for now, but not for long.

     Also in 2009 will be some concerts. For now there are planned two concerts. The first one is "Die Oldie Nacht" in Bad Segeberg / Germany, on 16th May 2009. The second show, in whcih Sandra will be a guest, will be an open-air party called "Dj Bobo and Friends". For this big show Dj Bobo invited his friends artists from the 80's and 90's, like: Sandra, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood, Real McCoy and special guests from Switzerland. Show will be on the 1st August 2009.

What else we will wait for this year - we will find out soon...


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.