Never know is impatience what fans waited to see her idol live, or the picture what media of the 80's created and what some of us remembered in our mind till today, made, that the discussions started about Sandra's look. Opinions were very differ, speculations were different from age to healthy. The truth probably is always in the middle. Nevertheless the most important for fans was this, that she resumes live performances. Traditional there were hits like "Maria Magdalena", "In The Heat Of The Night" or "Stop For A Minute". But it wasn't back to the 80's, concerts also became a great chance to sing "What Is It About Me", "The Way I Am" or "Logical Love" from the last album "THE ART OF LOVE". Sandra as always was incredibly cheerful, happy and she was bursting with energy and affinity for fans.

Sandra during summer concerts

in Chemnitz in Cottbus in Koblenz

     So the holidays passed very fast with concerts. But Sandra didn't rest on her laurels, cause already in October she appeared on the stage again, this time in Moscow. Unfortunately the concert was only for VIPs, not for common audience. Nevertheless fans didn't worry so much, cause it was a signal, she is still professionally active.

     This year was full of events, a lot were going on not only on the stage, but in singer's private. In October there were disturbing rumors about Cretus divorce, boiled on some Sandra's and Michael Cretu's, fans and not only discussed about it. At the end of the month, German 'Bild' dispeled every doubts, they wrote an article in which said about the end of Cretus marriage, and they wrote that Sandra have a new partner. These informations was confirmed by Sandra - she told about it in interview for Russian TV, which she gave on the 3rd November.

Interview in Russian TV station RTR Planeta

     She calmly explained, the divorce is the end of this, what it happend in her life for a few years, she said that she didn't live with husband and their ways broke in. ¿e So it seems, she was on life band, but it's behind her now, and she is happy now with the new partner.

     On 29th November 2007 Sandra as a guest gave a TV appearnce in Czech show called "Pretty Woman 2007". She sung "Forever" with a big engaged and grace and she won audience hearts. But the press didn't care about the show, they wrote about her new partner - Olaf Menges.

During TV appearnace Sandra and Olaf

     In half of December Sandra was on the stage in Siaulai, Vilnius and Kiev. Olaf doesn't already leave Sandra, from time of Moscow he is traveling with her. Also for those concerts fans from other countries came in large numbers. They were very surprised this what they saw: Sandra didn't run in jumps to the stage as always but she came in very slowly. For the beginning was "Maria Magdalena", she sung it stunding up, then she said hello to the audience and she sat on the chair. She quickly explained that in the beginning of December had ski accident and she had a surgery on her leg.

During Kiev concert

     Like on ealier concerts in Germany, and this time she sung a lot of songs from the new album and Sandra sung them with clear message. Concert lasted about 40-45 minutes and it ended a loud ovation, but this time without bis like it was on lasts concerts.

     And so fast 2007 ended. See from time prospect for all those concerts and radio interviews, we can affirm, this year like laso 2006, belonged to Sandra. And the events in private life caused it was very crucial. Will 2008 be also generous for fans like the last two years? Will it generous to Sandra moments of bitterness or will it give her happiness and well-being? Time will show....

     Year 2008 came. On the 4th January Sandra appeared on concert in Cologne, in Germany on Jummimüüs - Gala 2008.

Cologne - Jummimüüs Gala 2008

     She sung as always known to everyone hits from the 80's, and some songs from last album. Sandra looked presentable, she was full of grace, joyful and smiling. Besides this one event, the first half of this year went by the sign of slence, no interviews, no concerts or appearnaces. The press wrote only about Cretus divorce, which was official ended in May.

     In spite of silence Sandra doesn't laze. In March the information reached to fans, confirmed by Sandra's manager, she is during recording of new album and it will be ready (just!!!) in the end of 2009, but the date can change. Fans are very happy, but they have to be patient. So this time will it be recompense them?

     May, 2008 - on the beginning of the month the Agency Armin Rahn gave an information, that on 30th August Sandra will give an open-air concert in German Büsum. Fans have the next reason to joy. Later, at the end of the same month, the same agency gave the second information about next concert, this time in Athens on 17th July. Is the events machine move on...


Concert in Athens

     In capital of Greece Sandra seemed very happy, full of joy, and she was in good condition. It was nice to see her. In her repertoire were the same songs from the 80ies and only one new song, but fans considered the concert very successful.

     There were Germany, several times Lithuania, Ukraine, Greece... this is the time for visit in Poland. Sandra appeared during the 45 Sopot Festival 2008, which went by the sign of music memories from the 80's. On the stage of Opera Lesna in Sopot Sandra sung on the stage by the stars like Limahl & Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde, Samantha Fox, Sabrina, Shakin Stevens or Thomas Anders. The concert was live broadcasted by the Polish TV TVN, thanks to this a lot of fans could see Sandra on TV, cause the tickets were sold very fast and not everyone could buy them. Sandra reminded her 3 hits: "Maria Magdalena", "In The Heat Of The Night" and "Hiroshima". She was singing with full playback (although on the beginning of "In The Heat Of The Night" she started sung live, but then the microphone was turn down). This fact triggered off a lot of controversies. Unfortunately in Polish press Sopot Festival was describe very negative, by³ opisywany bardzo negatywnie, not only Sandra was beaten, but other artists too. Reporters picked on the looks, condition, voice, even this what the stars done or what they didn't do. They "tore them to pieces". This was not nice for fans, and for the artists.

Sopot Festival 2008

In this shower of criticism they forgot about one thing, this was a concert with memories of the 80's - they gave us so much fun, beautiful memories and unforgettable hits. This task was came up to 100%, the audience have a lot of fun, we could say boldly that nobody care about playback, several kilos more or problems with key. Whole audience have a nice evening, and this is the important for the organizers.


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.