Remix album met with average interest, on German Top 100 it reached to 44th place. There wasn't any single from this album, and the promotion only boiled down to two TV interviews. In Germany they chose new version of "Everlasting Love" as a radio single, but the song was lost with no response, but in Poland they chose "Around My Heart 2006" as a radio single and probably nobody expect this, what will follow. First this remix was played in local radiostations, but then the big radiostation ESKA also put it to its playlist. And this was the beginning, the song was played a few times a day. Suddenly, "Around My Heart 2006" also was played in radio RMF FM. This was a huge surprise, by the last album we could just dream to hear Sandra in such big and commercial radio like this. Remix was one of favourite songs, people liked listen to it, and it reached to 2nd place on RMF Poplist and it stayed on this place almost 2 months (44 quotations). After big success in RMF FM, also the rival radiostation Radio Zet was played this remix, which hit to medley albums of this two radiostations.

     For February 2007 they announced the premiere of the ninth in Sandra's career studio album called "THE ART OF LOVE", which (like Sandra said in some interviews) will be a peculiar accounting with the past, which will be very personal and it will open the new chapter in her career. Sandra wrote most of lyrics by herself, she exposed this from the pain and the childhood memories, she scratched a lot of wounds, but she also showed she matured and she is ready to forget about what was happend in the past and go to better tomorrow, full of hope and new challenges.
     In November they announced, that the first single from this album will be song called "The Way I Am". Later soon the publish date of the single and album was changed to 19th and then 26th of January 2007. In awaiting for premiere the fans had a chance to see Sandra live in Russia (Discotheque '80 in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and in Romania (concert in Piatra-Neamt).

Sandra during concerts

Moscow St. Petersburg Piatra-Neamt

     In the meantime the publish date of album and single was several times changed, and in December in German Radio Saw was the premiere of "The Way I Am" - Sandra surprised everybody the new sound, deeper timbre of voice and the energy beating from this song.

     New 2007 year the fans geeted the rebroadcast Moscow Sandra's appearance from Discotheque '80 on the 2nd of January. And on 26th of January was the premiere of the single "The Way I Am" - on this single additionally was published two (as it turned out later) new songs not published on the album - it was a big surprise for Sandra's fans. We didn't know Sandra like this - she changed herself, she isn't this sweet girl from the 80s. "The Way I Am" - it's a dynamic tone, and this all is so new and different from Sandra like she was before. The appetite achieved the apogee. The fans couldn't wait the new album "THE ART OF LOVE", they talk and talk about so much. The promotion of the single and album started from two TV interviews (in German programs Zibb and Das!) and radio interviews (in German Radio Berlin and Antenne Brandenburg).

Sandra with the reporter of radio Antenne Brandenburg

     February 2007 - the single made its debut on 50th place of German Top 100 (this was its highest position), and the French section of EMI Music announces the publish of special edition of album "REFLECTIONS" with additional remixes and the single (as it turned out later the digital single and in vinyl promo edition) "In The Heat Of The Night 2007".
     On the 10th of February Sandra gave a concert in German Magdeburg, where she sung for the first time the song "The Way
I Am" and the bonus song from this single "Logical Love".

Concert in German Magdeburg

     On 23rd of February in shops showed the ninth Sandra's album "THE ART OF LOVE". For the first time this album under the name SANDRA was recorded without her husband Michael Cretu. This time the producer, co-author, arranger and musician was Jens Gad, the man, who works with Cretu family for several years. Sandra revealed her talent for the first time and she wrote most of her album lyrics, and Jens recorded the new sound, new - it's mean completely differnet from this, we knew for years thank to Sandra. Innovation ideas, like exotic instruments (koto), or children choirs (sung among other things by Sandra's sons Nikita and Sebastian), surprised probably everybody. But the biggest surprised was extremely private, full of emotions lyrics wrote by Sandra, saying how she is... sensitive, honest, full of unpleasant memories, but now she has more power and she is ready say about it, she had some bad moments in her life. This album is her baby, at night she worked very hard in the studio, in the day she take care of her children and family. But it was woth, she is happy and proud of herself. "THE ART OF LOVE" it's the 13 calm songs, nice to hear sounds and emotion tones, it's a very honest and open album about fascinating climate with the beautiful music.

The cover of "THE ART OF LOVE"

     The promotion of "THE ART OF LOVE" didn't go round Poland. On the 24th of February in the Polish radio RMF FM in program "Top Ten" we could hear the interview with Sandra. We could learn about what memories she took away after concert in Plock/Poland, that the album "THE WHEEL OF TIME" got the status of gold record and some interesting facts about new album "THE ART OF LOVE". Considerable increase of Sandra's popularity in Poland ("Around My Heart 2006" was played in radiostations a long time after new album published) caused, that Pomaton/EMI Music Poland gave a lot of album copies "THE ART OF LOVE" for numerous contests. The effort was worth this, the album put the official sale list OLIS in Poland to the highest position 26th. In Germany the album made its debut on high 16th place of Top 100, and it goodbyed with the list after three weeks. About promotion - to fans' despair there wasn't any videoclip to single "THE WAY I AM". As a consolation fans got the bonus songs on single, but they didn't expect, that is not only one surprise like this.

     On 26th of March in France was published "REFLECTIONS - Special Edition", which includes additional 3 remixes: two "In The Heat Of The Night" and one "Maria Magdalena", in which they used not published ealier another vocal lines. In Germany this edition was limited 3000 strong copies.

     April it's an announcement of the second single. The premiere of "What Is It About Me" was on 18th of May, the day of Cretu birthdays. The fans couldn't dream the better surprise, cause there are also two bonus songs on this single. They are known songs in another versions - "What's Left To Say" was changed to French "Les Qu'est-Ce Que C'est", and "Silence Beside Me" put form of Spanish "Silencio A Mi Lado". This time there wasn't any clip, too.

Sandra on concert in Kazakhstan

     May it's also Sandra's concert in Kazakhstan, in city of Alma-Ata. Sandra sung two new songs, in defiance of her announcements.
     On the 3rd of June finally fans lived to the first Sandra's with a new single.

Sandra in program ZDF-Fernsehgarten

     On German channel ZDF, in live program called "Fernsehgarten" Sandra sung "What Is It About Me", and its ending she sung "Maria Magdalena". In Poland radiostations gave "What Is It About Me" single up and the digital single of "All You Zombies" went to Polish radiostations, i.e. we could hear it in RMF FM - the song reached on 13th place of RMF Poplist. And the Radio Zet is still advertising "THE ART OF LOVE" album on its banner on the main website.

Promotion of TAOL album in Polish Radio ZET

     Unfortunately the single "What Is It About Me" went down with no response, it didn't enter to German Top 100, what it had its consequences. Planned the third single "Put Your Arms Around Me" was never release. The promotion of new album was restricted to only one longer interview in tv (4 June 2007 - Hier ab Vier) and a few concerts.


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.