After first single suceed, everybody was waiting for a new album. It was suposed to be published at the beginning of 2002. As it turned out later, there were some delays because of Michael Cretu's sickness. Month before publish the WOT album, on 25th of March 2002 the second single "Such A Shame" appeared. Unfortunatelly it did not become as popular as the first single, it reached only to place 76th of Top 100. The video clip for "Such A Shame" was not recorded. As it was explained, the money were suposed to be intended for a promotion campain of the new album.
     In February it was said that new album "THE WHEEL OF TIME" will be published on 22th of April. Again it had been rearranged. Finally on 29th of April 2002 it came out. It was a huge event.

The album "The Wheel Of Time"

     A brand new album, fans had been waiting for 7 years!!! But it was worth! On the new album there were 11 great new songs! Among them, there were 4 (even 5, about this in moment) covers - "Motivation" of Inker and Hamilton, "Silent Running" of Mike and Mechanics, "Such A Shame" of Talk Talk and "Free Love" of Depeche Mode. Later there were rumours, that another 5 song "Perfect Touch" was a cover, too. It was a song which came out of Art group in 1988. But Sandra claims, that this song was written by Wolfgang Filz and Peter Ries (alias Marc Cassandra) especailly for her. Well, it is not so important whose song it is. It is important that Sandra performed this song wonderfully.
     Let's come back to the album. It debuted on the very high 8th place in Top 100. It was very nice surprise for everyone. What was mentioned ealier, promotion campain limited only to a some seconds spot in one German SAT1 station. It was also media patron of the album. There are many theories about Sandra's music company, about the actions, promotions, etc. But the fact is that new album came out very quick on the German chart list, as well as it disappeared quick. The third single "Forgive Me" was about to come out, but it was cancelled, even though all the commercial copies were sent to radio stations in Germany. Fans were very outraged at this situation, which were shown on the Sandra's forums. The Virgin company apparently felt guilty. On the 21th of August 2002 they announced another single "I Close My Eyes" to come out. Finally single came out on the 11th of October 2002 and it reached only the 93rd place in Top100. On the 15th of October 2002 Sandra performed in German local TV MDR in programme "Musik Für Sie", singing "I Close My Eyes" and mix of her 3 famous songs: "Secret Land '99", "Maria Magdalena '99" and "Jonny Wanna Live".

Sandra in MDR programme - "Music für Sie"

     On the 24th of March in 2002 the next album "THE ESSENTIAL" came out. There was only "18 GREATEST HITS" in a new package.

     On the 8th of September 2002 there was a nice surprise for fans. It came out the first DVD called "THE COMPLETE HISTORY", which contains all original videoclips from the past 18 years. This new DVD debuted on place 94th in Top 100.

Screenshots from DVD "The Complete History"

     At the same day, the new Enigma album called "Voyageur" came out, too. As it was promised, Sandra's voice was also heard in the new Enigma's album, i.e. in promoting single "Voyageur". It was so nice to hear Mrs Cretu's whispers again.

     Since October 2002 there were no news about Sandra's music plans. However, from time to time we can heared or read some news about singer in the radio or magazines. And again Sandra's performance was a huge surprise for everyone. She appears in "Sound der 80er", broadcasted by German ZDF.

Sandra during appearance in programme "Sound der 80er"

     There were rumours, that Sandra refused to perform in previous editions of this show. On the 22th of May 2004 she performed her mega hit "Maria Magdalena" (unfortunatelly from playback). As it was noticed, Sandra was incredibly happy being on the stage.
     Soon, on the 2nd of October "Kult der 80er" concert was held in Dresden. Sandra was the core of the show, after other stars (The Twins, Ken Laszlo, Mike Maaren). Some minutes after midnight (that is on the 3rd of October) Sandra started her performance singing "Maria Magdalena" and finished also the same song but in the new version from 1999.

Sandra on concert "Kult der 80er"

     The press informed that it was her first concert after 9 years break. But those news are not true enough. In 1995 Sandra was not even in TV, because as everybody know it was a year when she was pregnant. Rather it was her first concert since 1992, when she performed her album "Close To Seven" and "18 Greatest Hits".

     January 2005 - another live show...

Sandra in programme "Best of Formel Eins - Die Show"

     Sandra full of energy and sexapil appeared in TV programme called "Best of Formel Eins - Die Show" - fans already known about this programme in December last year. As usual the singer amazed us her new clothes, hair style and subtle make-up - almost like years ago. Then next months full of silence... seeming silence...
     In June the machine moved full blast. This month live concert in Güstrow was palned. But the life showed, fate sometimes is so cruel and this day Sandra due to illness could not appear and sing for hundreds of fans, who went from other countries to see her live on the stage.
     In August all fans learn about: Sandra has just recorded new song with DJ Bobo. Song is called "Secrets Of Love" and it will publish on DJ Bobo's new album in October/November 2005. Single of this song is also planning - unofficially was said that it will in shops in March next year. In November Sandra and DJ Bobo arrived to Disneyland in Paris, to shoot a videoclip in a beautiful and fabulous scenery.

Sandra and Dj Bobo during shooting videoclip
"Secrets Of Love" in Disneyland

     Sandra will also accompany DJ Bobo in promotion of the new song, and this is mean, we will see her often on the stage and TV.
     In September 2005 we could admire Sandra on the stage in programme "Die Ultimative Chart Show" - she sung "Everlasting Love" and she was interviewed.

Sandra sing "Everlasting Love"

     Although 2005 is twentieth anniversary of first Sandra's big hit "Maria Magdalena", we did not wait any new album or a single. Last events just go to show that the singer come out from her secluded spot for good and she come back to the music stage.

     Year 2005 full of events and promises announces more interesting year 2006, which we can easily call the year of Sandra. A lot of TV and press interviews, concerts... they say often and often about Sandra and her name is on everybody's lips.
     In February was a premiere of long expected videoclip "SECRETS OF LOVE" - on the 3rd of March the single was available in music shops in Europe. And what follows there were a big promotion of this song. First months of year were very rich in TV programmes with Sandra and DJ Bobo (TV Total, Verstehen Sie Spaß, Chartbreak Hotel), also the press wrote about them.

Sandra and Dj Bobo in Swiss press

     "Secrets Of Love" made its debut on high positions of European Charts, so this way it opened to Sandra her way to the another success. Thanks to this Sandra was invited to the other shows and concerts. And on the 4th of March during "Die 80er Kult-Party" concert in Schwerin, singer - as a lead guest of this party, said to fans that in three weeks will publish her new Remix Album. But contrary to Sandra's announcement, this album will publish only after summer.

Sandra live in Germany



Dortmund                                   Ferdinandshof

     June and July were very happy months for fans, we could meet our favourite singer on many concerts in Germany: "Maniac 80er Party" in Bietigheim, "Sky Family Day" in Güstrow, "Das 80er Festival" in Dortmund and "NDR Sommertour 2006" in Ferdinandshof, and Polish fans had their big Sandra day - on the 3rd of June she was also in Poland during "Chemist Day". Sandra presented us with her shows, some of us had a chance to get her autograph, make some photo with Sandra and even talk to her.

Sandra and her fans in Plock (Poland)

     In one of press interview Sandra said the title her new studio album, about what we knew only this, that it will be in three languages and it will include "Love Is A Price" - the second song with DJ Bobo. Its title is "THE ART OF LOVE", and the release date will depend on success of "REFLECTIONS" - earlier announced and impatient waited by fans album, which include the remixes of Sandra's big hits. The album was available in shops on 29th of September and although there is only known Sandra's hits on this album, there is no traditional album with remixes, cause all music was reproduced anew, reached by unusual sound, maybe because they was reproduced by new producers. Except for "Everlasting Love" - the vocal to this song was recorded anew, as a beautiful and romatic ballad.



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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.