Phenomenal Enigma by Michael Cretu only just established its position in charts and Michael's wife makes him think of her solo ambitions and she demands some new songs to the next album. And nobody resist beautiful Sandra. It came time for Sandra and the new album came into being in secluded spot of home garden. Fans had to wait for it two years. So in February 1992 new album called "CLOSE TO SEVEN" came out.      It was created with a huge attention and concentration. It can be clearly heard some echos of Enigma. The album consist of 10 songs, from ballads (like "Mirrored In Your Eyes"), jazz and blues (like "Steady Me") to melancholy, soft hip-hop and techno songs. On this album Cretu conjured up new tones in his factory of sounds of course thanks to Sandra's voice.

Sandra has a huge experience in live performances

     First single "Don't Be Aggressive" achieved success and it stayed four weeks in Top 20 of German chart list. Thanks to this Sandra was shown many times in TV and press. Next single "I Need Love" was after her first single "Japan Ist Weit" a complete flop.

Advertisement of "18 Gretaest Hits" and "Close To Seven" in press

     But Sandra did not become discouraged to the next work. In 1992 she had another surprise for her fans. She published her famous hits from "Maria Magdalena" to "Don't Be Aggressive" in the album and video cassette called "18 GREATEST HITS". Single from this album is "Johnny Wanna Live" - Sandra's protest against animals torment. Version of this song is different from version in "PAINTINGS IN YELLOW" album, it is in rock style.

     The album "18 GREATEST HITS" closes her first stage in solo career. After this Sandra decided to have longer break. In a mean time she made one more single - new version of "Maria Magdalena". Videoclip was recorded in London. New version of "Maria Magdalena" differed so much from the original version. It was more techno style in this song. Unfortunately this single did not get to the chart list.

Sandra during shooting a clip to "Maria Magdalena '93"

     After dud of "Maria Magdalena" there was no news about Sandra. She did not record any new albums, but we could only hear her voice on Enigma's albums. The new Enigma album called "The Cross Of Changes" came out in 1993 and we could hear Sndra's voice in three songs: "Return To Innocence", "I Love You.. I'll Kill You" and "Age Of Loneliness". This last song was a soundtrack of "Sliver" with Sharon Stone in leading role. The title of this song changed to "Carly's Song" and even the videoclip was shooted in which Mrs Stone "said" Sandra's voice.

Sharon Stone in clip of "Carly's Song" said Sandra's voice

     In the end of 1994 there was a great news about Sandra. She is pregnant and gonna have twins! It explained why she was absent on the stage.

Sandra during pregnancy in March 1995

     Again she surprised fans on 19th of 1995 with the new album "FADING SHADES". The single promoted her album was "Nights In White Satin", a cover of The Moody Blues band. The videoclip was shooted when Sandra was 7 months pregnant, durig one of not many days when she did not be in hospital. Clip was shooted in disco "Pascha" on Ibiza, by one afternoon. This time Sandra had 25 kg more weight than usually because of her advanced pregnancy. But in the videoclip it was hidden, so Sandra could look more slim.

Videoclip "Nights In White Satin"

     It seemed that Sandra have been on a good way to come back on top of the chart lists. The single "Nights In White Satin" was showed in Viva, MTV, 3Sat and N3. But it did not succeed in German chart list. The highest position in Top 100 Media Control was 86. Also fans did not like the new album, it was not the same disco music as it used to be. It was only in 43rd position in chart list. As it shows, Sandra did not succeed on the music stage. However it was different in her private life.
     3 weeks before twins birth, Sandra suffered from big tragedy - her brother Gaston who was her best and closest friend died. This gave her a very difficult time and she plunged in sadness for many long years.
     On the 6th of June 1995 she gave birth to twins. Nikita and Sebastian were born in Munich. Sandra had her babies by caesarean section. Her biggest dream came true! Since that time the career was not so important as it used to be.

Babies of Sandra and Michael - twins Nikita and Sebastian

     The second single "Won't Run Away" from "FADING SHADES" album never got a videoclip. It was also another Sandra's song which did not show up in Top 100.

     Again, there was a silence around Sandra. Even on the next Enigma album "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi" published in 1996 we could hear her only in two songs: "Beyond The Invisible" and "T.N.T. For The Brain". Fans had to armed themself with patience. Nobody knew if Sandra could come back or not. In 1999 (exactly on the 7th of June) Sandra published new album "MY FAVOURITES" but without new songs. The new single was a remixed song of "Secret Land" (published on the 17th of May) which promoted new album. It reached the 6th place in German hit list on the 31st of May in 1999 and the album suceeded. On the 21th of June she debuted in German Top 100 on place 26th. Then it had positions: 16th (the highest position), 18th, 30th, 56th, 60th, 73rd, 86th, 87th. Last time it showed on the 23th of August on place 91st. This album consists 2 CDs. First CD contains remixes of Sandra's songs, second CD - her favourite original songs which she chose by herself.

New image of Sandra in clip "Secret Land - remix '99"

     In Poland remix of "Secret Land" was broadcasted in TV and radio stations, this song was played in many local radio stations. Videoclip was broadcasted in Polsat2, Nasza TV and TV4. The song reached the 30th place of "30 Ton Lista Lista". Videoclip to "Secret Land" was shooted in Berlin. We could see Sandra's new image, especially her new short hair. "MY FAVOURITES" succeed, but the earlier planning (and never officially confirmed) second single "No Taboo" was annuled. And break again.

     In the first half of 2001 started to appear rumours about Sandra's new album she still records. Fans were delighted. In the second half of 2001 finally Sandra came back with new album called "Wheels Of Time" (it is not a letter error, it is the first title of album). Virgin Records announced the publish of first single on 27th June in 2001, but the publish date was still rescheduled. The single came out finally on the 1st of October in 2001.

Sandra's appearance in German programme "Courage"

     Then there was a BIG event - Sandra performed in German programme "Courage" singing "Forever" song. It was her first performance in TV since 1993, when she had been with Michael on ECHO Awards. She made her fans very happy.
     Again she was on the spotlight. In German TV there were many interviews, SAT1 station broadcasted a new hit "Forever" as "a hit of the week". On the 10th of October "Forever" single debuted on place 47th of German hit list Top 100. Then the videoclip was broadcasted in German VIVA. The interview with Sandra was also shown in Interaktiv programm in VIVA.

Commercial spot "Forever" in SAT 1

     It is worth mention that videoclip "Forever" was recorded in Vienna and edited in Prague. Also in Poland "Forever" single was noticed - it was played many times in local radio stations and chart lists. Unfortunatelly those biggest and valuable radio stations did not play this song. In spite of this "Forever" reached the 30th place in the "30 ton lista lista" in Poland.


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.