The good strat was a single "Maria Magdalena"- it became a huge hit and was played in the all clubs in Europe through the last months of 1985 and carnival.

Gold record for "Maria Magdalena"

     She was afraid of her second single. Fans had very high expectations of the next song. They wanted hit like "Maria Magdalena". They put a lot of effort and time into the next project. As it was done, with an anxiety they had waited for accepting new single "In The Heat Of The Night" in Germany. Fortunatelly, fears turned out to be unnecessary. This song was definitely going to be a smash hit and that it happened. And this time the business stayed at home because Michael Cretu was a producer of all Sandra's albums which were made in record studio in Munich and Ibiza.

During work in recording studio

     The first album called "THE LONG PLAY" and it was published in the end of 1985 by Virgin. It was very popular. In Sandra's songs they put emphasis on arrangement and strong sound. Apart from synthesizers, they used guitars. Markus Lohr played on guitar in most of Sandra's songs. The album had 3 mega hits: "Maria Magdalena", "In The Heat Of The Night" and "Little Girl".
     In the last months of 1985 Sandra had a big European tour. Her visit ticket was a videoclip "In The Heat Of The Night". She visited Italy, France, Spain, Benelux and Scandinavia countries. After Christmas break, which she spent in Munich, Sandra went to USA and Japan.
     In February 1986 Sandra had moved to London for 6 months, where she had taken singing lessons for 6 hours a day. She also took English lessons in London Berlitz School and played the drums. During weekends she was coming back to Munich, where she continued working in studio and creating new songs.

Sandra by her house in London Sandra during drums lessons

     Her second album "MIRRORS" came out in October 1986 and was not good musical enough. There were too much electronic music, none of the songs stand out from the album. Even though, her commercial value found pop music followers. She got some smash hits like: "Innocent Love", "Hi! Hi! Hi!", "Midnight Man" and "Loreen". If it comes about the lyrics it is worth pay attention on two songs: "Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World)" inspired of Tcharnobyl trategy and ballad "Loreen" - about moral support, which needed close friend.
     Then Sandra had two years holiday, which she spent with Michael in Great Britain. During their stayed in England she published another album and video cassette called " TEN ON ONE (The Singles)". On this album she added two new songs which were not published ealier: old and refreshed hit "Everlasting Love" and "Stop For A Minute" - a soundtrack to not interesting crime movie Tatort called "Salü Palü".
     This two years break bore fruit with a new album called "INTO A SECRET LAND".

Sandra during shooting "Secret Land" clip

     For sure, everyone knows those club songs: "Heaven Can Wait", "Secret Land", "We'll Be Together" or "Around My Heart". This album differs so much from the previous album. It is more subtle, balanced, soft and reflective. Michael had no fears to have on the album his original arrangement like: "La Vista De Luna" and some interesing music solutions - "Around my Heart". There were also slow and moody songs like: "Just Like Diamonds" or "Children Of England". Sandra promoted her new album on Europe and USA tour. She performed in Budapest, Scandinavia countries and ahe had five concerts in Germany and Russia.

Stay in Moscow was the biggest experience of Sandra

     Then she went to Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, eight times performed in France. Next she was in Italy, Austria, Sweeden, Prague and USA in New Jork.

Information about Sandra's concert
in New York in "Palladium"
Sandra on Manhattan
in New York

     In the mean time in Sandra's life was a change. From her home town - Munich she moved to Ibiza - Baleares island.

Sandra at home in Ibiza

     Sandra and Michael settled down in a modernized, 500 years old rural house, with swimming pool and record studio called "A.R.T. Studio". Sandra's parents also moved to Ibiza and took care of her house, when Sandra was away from home. In the new house there are: ballet room with dressing room and big mirrors - in front of them Sandra exercises her choreography.
     On the 7th of June in 1988 Sandra and Michael got married and Miss Lauer became Mrs Cretu.

Wedding of Mrs and Mr Cretu

     In home studio in Ibiza another - fifth album in Sandra's discography came out. It called "PAINTINGS IN YELLOW" - Sandra with her family liveliness and naturalness created some beautiful paintings by singing her velvety voice. It is the most quiet album she recorded with mind about American commercial market too, intended for a wide circle of pop music audience. All the songs were written by Michael Cretu and some support of his friend Frank Peterson - Michael resigned from his old co-workers.
     This album was more ambitious and lyrics more serious: antiwar song "Hiroshima" - it was a guide single, then "Johnny Wanna Live" - says about animals protection. Love songs like "One More Night", "Lovelight In Your Eyes" are more poetic and sensual.
     First single "Hiroshima" - a great cover of Wishful Thinking band - it lets us to watch a real gallery of art on this album and it became the greatest hit since 1985. The dance song "(Life May Be) A Big Insanity" and beautiful ballad "One More Night" are stunning works of very impressive exhibition and ingenious combinations in this music journey - they became a smash hits, too.

Promotion of "Paintings In Yellow" in press

     Album "PAINTINGS IN YELLOW" once again showed the subtlety, elegancy and style created by singer and a producer of these songs. It is full of feelings, emotions, soul, sound which can be compared not only to international pop music, but also to a new standard's group.

     While Sandra celebrated success of her next album, Michael hidded in his record studio and in 1990 created "cathedral-pop" - sombre, singing in Latin gregorian choral church songs, in which you can hear hollow rythm of disco music. Finally he decided to name his project Enigma but he assure his wife part in his new created sound.

Michael during work in studio

     His first single "Sadeness- part one" achieved an incredible success - 50 000 singles were sold in one day in Germany, even though nobody knew what was hidden under the word "Enigma". Then the new album "MCMXC a.D." was sold fom the CD shops.


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Biography was wrote by Cathy, Piotr and Inula on the basis of: report from Bravo magazine, article by P.Wozniak, fragments of "Stationen einer Karriere" - and own knowledge, observations and thinks.

Translation to English by Agnieszka Gorczyca (Big Thanks Aga!!!) and Cathy.