• Original lineup:
- Mary Ann Nagel,
- Karen Ann Tepperis [ 11 September 1953, London, UK]
- Michaela Rose [ 19 December 1958, Frankfurt, Germany].
  • First rotation:
Mary Ann left a trio in half of 1978 and started her solo career as Mary Ann, her seat was taking by Heike Rimbeau, who stayed in trio till beginning of 1979.

- Karen Ann Tepperis,
- Heike Rim
beau [17 April 1959, Germany],
- Michaela Rose.

  • Second rotation:
When Karen Ann joined to Arabesque she was pregnant, not permitted motherly life with a career she left a trio. Her seat was taking by Jasmin. Vetter was a gymnast before, so she took up choreography.
Karen Ann Tepperis came as

- Heike Rimbeau,
- Jasmin Elizabeth Vetter
[22 February 1956, Frayburg, Germany],
- Michaela Rose.

  • Third rotation:
Again one of Arabesque's leader left a band. This time it was Heike, who was pregnant. On her seat there was appearing Elke Brückheimer, but not for long. After 6 months of a career in German trio, i.e. in July 1979, Elke left band to spend time to country music and take up own project of Louisiana on Tour .

- Elke Brückheimer [1961, Germany],
- Jasmin Elizabeth Vetter,
- Michael Rose.

  • The Final Lineup:
After leaving band by Elke, Sandra Anne Lauer joined in Arabesque in August 1979.

- Sandra Anne Lauer [18 May 1962, Saarbrücken, Germany],
- Jasmin Elizabeth Vetter,

- Michaela Rose.

At this band girls sang to 1984 - to trio break-up.
  • In 2006 trio comes back in lineup:
- Michaela Rose
- Sabine Kaemper [28 Feb 1962]

- Silke Brauner.